merging my pictures and cards

1975 Topps – John Smoltz

When I was making the Pujols card I had the template open so I decided to make another card. I had some pictures of John Smoltz set aside to make cards of so I thought I would use on of them. I really like the 1975 Topps design. (I realize that I say that a lot. I apparently like many different card designs. The ones I don’t like so much probably won’t be on this site very much.) I knew that I wanted to make a few of these, and this was a good chance to make a couple.

This picture was taken in 2009 when I was in St. Louis on my birthday. We were rained out at work that day so I could start my St. Louis trip a day earlier which would allow me to see John Smoltz pitch. After watching him on television for so many years I was very excited to see him pitch in person. He had a different motion which took me a minute to find spots that were photogenic. His follow through and my seats allowed me to get this shot. Looking back I probably could have cropped it a little closer and used the upper portion for an older set. This is a cool looking card though.

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