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Andruw Jones

1985 Topps 25th Anniversary – Andruw Jones

Andruw was one of my favorite guys to photograph last season. He had a big swing that had many points where it was very photogenic. He started off the season well, but things kind of tapered off at the end. In the end he was a one and done player, but I still enjoyed watching him. (more…)


1985 Fleer – Andruw Jones

Here is yet another card of Andruw. He really just seemed to like to be photographed. He had a swing that no matter when the picture was snapped seemed to look good. Towards the end of the season he did not make contact very often, but it looked good. He is now a member of the Yankees so I had better get some of my cards of him out there before the season starts. (more…)

1972 Topps – Andruw Jones

Continuing the theme of former Sox players here is a 1972 Topps card of Andruw Jones. Andruw was one of my favorite targets to photograph during his one season with the White Sox. He did not pan out like the Sox brass had hoped he would though, and he was not signed again this season. He is currently playing with the Yankees. (more…)

1989 Upper Deck – Andruw Jones

The flood of 1989 Upper Deck cards continues with this card of Andruw. I really was high on Jones at the beginning of the season. He came out of the box on fire it seemed like. He was in double digit home runs very quickly, but then seemed to hit a wall. He was still fun to watch play the game, and I was sad to see him go from an entertainment standpoint. He is now playing for the Yankees. I was able to see him play his first game for them today thanks to the MLB Network. (more…)

1987 Donruss Highlights – Andruw Jones

While trying to find a template for the 1987 Donruss base card I came across a couple of the subsets that came out in 1987 from Donruss. The highlights set was kind of cool looking so I thought I would try one. The set basically looked back at the highlights of the season as the name suggests. I thought a cool card would be to commemorate the 400th home run that Andruw hit with the Sox. I was not at that game, but I did see it on TV. (more…)

2011 csd Preview – Andruw Jones

Today I found out that Andruw Jones had signed with the Yankees. I was kind of sad because I enjoyed watching him while he was a member of the White Sox. I thought that in honor of his signing I would make my first Yankee card of the set. The Sox uniform works fairly well as a Yankee uniform if you ignore the name on the back, and don’t look too closely. I might have a couple tweaks to the front of the Yankee card before the real set comes out. I like the picture of one of Andruw’s big swings. He was fun to photograph because he had a great swing. It was all out, and allowed for some nice shots. (more…)

Andruw Jones – 1984 Fleer

Here goes with my second attempt at a 1984 Fleer card. I thought that I would pick Andruw since he recently hit his 400th home run. He joins a select few in baseball, and the least I can do is make a card for the guy. (more…)

Andruw Jones – csd Masterpieces

Andruw quickly became one of my favorite players on the team when I was finally able to watch him play in person. His swing to me became a focus with my camera. It is so big and sweet that I love taking pictures of it. What better player to have a second card of in this set? (more…)