merging my pictures and cards

1957 Topps

1957 Topps – Alexei Ramirez

For some reason I have held onto this card for a while. I really like the card, but for some reason I kept waiting to release it. The ’57 Topps design is simple, but for some reason I like it. I probably like it because it has plenty of room for my picture. Of course you can’t have action so the room is used to close shots. (more…)

1957 Topps – A.J. Pierzynski

This was actually the first card that I made out of those that will appear today. With my old photoshop program I was very limited to what I could make. I made this ’57 Topps card from scratch. These cards look a little too modern the way I made them, but I like the look of them. (more…)

1957 Topps – Paul Konerko

I made up a few cards of both Paulie and A.J. after the season in case they left. I am glad that they came back, but now I haveĀ a few just sitting around. Here is my attempt at re-creating the 1957 Topps card. It is from scratch, but there is not a whole lot to the card. The pictures that you can put on these cards are hard to come by as a fan. Those cards were mostly posed shots. I will have to work on getting a couple for the set next year. (more…)