merging my pictures and cards

Los Angeles Angels

1988 Donruss – Hideki Matsui

The dump of ’88 Donruss cards continues with Godzilla. He made a big splash when he came to the Majors and started playing for the Yankees. He then signed a free agent contract with the Angels moving across the country. This year he will be playing for the A’s. It will be interesting to see how he performs for his new team this season. (more…)

2009 Highlights – Mark Buehrle Appreciation Day

Last season I grabbed a ticket at the last minute to Mark Buehrle Appreciation Day. This was the first time since Mark pitched his perfect game that he was at U.C. Cellular Field. I had decent seats, but they were not near home plate where all the action was. I used my trick to get into the lower deck and found some seats above the White Sox dugout that were not occupied. I watched the ceremony prior to the game where they honored Mark along with catcher Ramon Castro and outfielder Dewayne Wise. In the fourth inning the people who belonged in my seats finally made it to the game and kicked me out. The guy was in a big hurry for getting to the game so late, but I was lucky enough to get to see the pre game ceremony from my seats. (more…)

Howie Kendrick

Howie is a solid second baseman for the Angels. The only reason that he is in this set though is because of this picture. (more…)

Torii Hunter – All Star

Torii gets the honor of representing his hometown club in the All Star game this season. I have had a love-hate relationship with him for years. Hunter won the Gold Glove so much I don’t think they even watched him anymore. The year he took it over Rowand even though he only played half the games sticks in my mind. He was very good though, and deserved all the credit he got. It is just hard to see a member of one of your rivals taking the glory all the time. (more…)

Scott Shields

Scott has been the setup man for the Angels for the last few years. Right now he has Fernando Rodney and Brian Fuentes ahead of him in the bullpen after he was hurt last season. He is very good at what he does, and probably will stay at his position for a while. (more…)

Ervin Santana

Ervin is one of the better pitchers in the American League. The most interesting fact about Ervin is that his given name was Johan. With the last name he had though he decided to change it to avoid confusion with the former Twins pitcher. (more…)

Eric Aybar

Eric has made the news recently because of the injury he suffered at second base during an interleague game against the Brewers. The team had just hit Casey McGehee with a retaliatory pitch which put him on first. The next ball of course was hit to the second baseman who threw over to Aybar who was covering the bag. McGehee slide late and right into Aybar’s knee taking him out. It was a legal play, and also a way to make the pitcher pay for hitting you. (more…)

Brian Fuentes

A couple of weeks ago I was at the Angels game in the Cell. I went to see a game, but as usual I took way to many pictures. Because of this blog I have been taking some different types of pictures, and it has worked out well so far. Normally I would never have taken a picture of this creepy guy staring at me. He was facing me so I did. It turned out to be the closer for the Angels Brian Fuentes. I was actually decently far away from Brian, but it still looks as though he was posing for me. I like how putting my pictures on fake cards has caused me to think outside the box a little bit when taking pictures. I don’t just take the same boring old pictures anymore. It is a challenge that has been fun to experiment with. (more…)

1995 #1 Draft Pick – Darin Erstad

In 1995 we have a very grindy pick. Darin Erstad was one that surprised me. This draft actually featured two number one picks. Pat Burrell was taken in the 43rd round, but did not sign. He would become the 1st pick in the 1998 draft. Darin would go on to play in the Majors and be successful, but I would guess that he did not play up to the #1 pick expectations. His year in Chicago was one to forget. (more…)

Kendry Morales

I would like to start Memorial Day on here by showcasing my Kendry Morales card. Morales was probably lost for the season on Sunday when he broke his foot celebrating a walk off grand slam. I imagine that front offices around the league were sending out memos after watching the replays of that incident. The celebrations may be taken down a notch. Next thing you know the pie in the face will be banned. (more…)

Hideki Matsui

Godzilla has finally made the set! Actually I had to put him in or he would have destroyed my small town. Maybe now we can diversify the audience of this blog. I definitely saw a different crowd at the game on Thursday. Players like Ichiro and Matsui have definitely brought a larger audience to baseball. (more…)

Fernando Rodney

I thought I should post this card today since Rodney gave up the hit that tied the White Sox game last night. The bad thing for the Sox is that it bounced over the wall, and instead of getting a blown save he got a hold. He is the guy that most people don’t want to see in the game, but last night he came within a foot of blowing the game. Baseball is a game of inches though, and he did his job. The former Tiger seems to have found a home in California…or Anaheim…or Los Angeles…or Los Angeles Anaheim. Whatever they call themselves today they just swept the White Sox.

The picture was taken last night at the game while batting practice was going on. Rodney was having a blast catching the balls hit out to right so I decided to try and get one of his catches on film. I had some good pictures of him pitching from last night, but in the end I like this one the best.

Bobby Abreu

This should post right about the time that the Sox game starts tonight. I will be at the game so I thought that I would post my only Angels card. When I went to the Angels game last season I took lots of pictures. The only problem is that all those players are now gone. Guys like Guerrero, Figgins, Lackey are playing for other teams. I guess I will have to try and get a couple good pictures tonight. At least I can move around tonight unlike at Wrigley on Monday. (more…)