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Ichiro Suzuki

Ichiro is one of the more feared leadoff hitters in the league. Once he gets on base (which he does often) his speed can change a game. He also is a great outfielder that runners do not test. (more…)

Andrew Fie

Andrew had a great game the first time I saw him in a Silverhawks uniform. Apparently looking at his stats that was the last time that he had a good game. (more…)

Steve Sabatino

Here is another of the Irish players that I was able to see this season. (more…)

Gil Meche

Gil has been the ace of the Royals staff since he came to the team from Seattle. Injuries have slowed him down the last couple of seasons allowing for the emergence of Zach Greinke as the ace of the squad. (more…)

Errol Hollinger

Errol is one of the many catchers that I have seen in South Bend over the last few years. He has a unique first name, and from what I have seen in person a decent bat. Monday night he knocked in two with a key base hit in the first game of the doubleheader. (more…)

Mark DeRosa

Mark is one of the Cubs that I really grew to like during his tenure with them. I could not believe it when they let him slip away. Then he went to the rival Cardinals and I knew that they would not be happy about that. I decided that now was the time to try a ‘now with’ card that I grew up with. Topps would not even try to airbrush a card sometimes, but would just type some extra letters to let you know that the player has switched teams. This is my try at that card. (more…)

Felix Hernandez

Well let’s try this once again. Everytime I try and a post with the start of a game something happens to delay that game. Tonight I will be at the Cell to see the Mariners face the White Sox. I won’t see Felix Hernandez, but maybe that is a good thing because he is one of the top pitchers in the league. (more…)

Chris Davis

Chris is no longer catching for the Silverhawks, but I like this pictures so much that I had to include the card in the set. I just love the old school catcher look that he is sporting in the picture. The backwards ball cap and his old time mask really made him look like a throwback to a simpler time. (more…)

Bradin Hagens

Bradin has been a valuable pitcher eating up some innings for the Silverhawks this season. He took the loss the other night in the second game of a doubleheader, but you can’t win them all can you? (more…)

Lucas Harrell

Lucas is another of the prospects that I was excited to see in Indy this past weekend. I don’t really follow the careers of minor leaguers like some fans do. I usually worry about them when they get to the Sox. The last couple of years though I have taken a little more interest in the guys who I may see soon. Harrell is one of those guys that appears to have the stuff to help the Sox. (more…)

Brent Morel

Brent is another one of the prospects that I was excited to see play for the Knights. His name has been coming up lately in some trade rumors, but if his promise is as good as advertised I hope he stays in the system. He is having a tough go of it right now, but if he can turn it around there might be a spot for him on the Sox. (more…)

Jeff Marquez

Like Donny Lucy this is the second card in the set featuring Jeff. I made a card of him with his little blue backpack during his short stay with the Sox about a month ago. Jeff is back in Triple A, and I was able to meet him Saturday night when the Knights were in Indy to play the Indians. (more…)

Donny Lucy

Earlier in this set I posted a card of Donny sitting in the White Sox bullpen in left field. He was sent down shortly after that when Ramon Castro came off the disabled list. He was having a good season when he was sent down, but I have not heard anything that would suggest that he took the demotion badly. (more…)

Robert Hudson

Earlier in the season you would go to a Knights game to see a different Hudson. Robert is the second baseman for the Knights. He is not nearly as highly touted of a prospect as Daniel Hudson is. (more…)

Josh Kroeger

Josh is one of the players that I have seen play for the South Bend Silverhawks. He was a power hitter there, and it looks as if he has found that stroke for Charlotte as well. I don’t know if he will ever make the big league team, but he does give the Knights a very capable right fielder who can play first base. (more…)

Jordan Danks

I really wanted to see Jordan play yesterday during the game. When I did not see his name in the lineup I hoped that he would come in as a defensive replacement. That did not happen though, and my only opportunity to get a picture of him was during the pre game warm up. (more…)

Chris Sale

Yesterday I saw the Charlotte Knights play the Indianapolis Indians in Indy. I went to see the Triple A affiliate of my favorite team play ball. It is pretty cool to see the young future of your team play. The first person that I was excited to see was Chris Sale. He was the #1 pick in this year’s draft by the White Sox (#13 overall). (more…)

Greg Rohan

Yet again we have a player in the set who is in it because of a picture. While the Chiefs were stretching out in South Bend earlier in the season an ad for the San Diego Chicken was playing on the big screen. Greg really seemed to be enjoying the ad. (more…)

Prince Fielder – Famous Lineage

It has been a while since I have posted a famous lineage card on the site. I guess I have been so busy doing other things that I forgot that these were around. With all the talk of Prince possibly coming to the South Side though I thought that it would be a good time to post this one. (more…)

Jose Reyes

I already have a card of Jose in this set because of his All Star selection. Jose is one of the most exciting players to watch in baseball. (more…)

Mario Mercedes

Here is another player who is in the set because of a picture. Part of the allure of watching Minor League Baseball is seeing the players up close. (more…)

Keon Broxton

Keon is one of the most exciting players in professional baseball right now. I only say that because he leads all of baseball right now in triples on the season. (more…)

D.J. Fitzgerald

D.J. has played for Peoria the past two seasons. He normally would not have made this set, but he is one of those guys who really seems to love playing the game. (more…)

Jaff Decker

Jaff is one of the top prospects in the Padres organization. (more…)