merging my pictures and cards

Major League All Stars

Ryan Howard – All Star


Roy Halladay – All Star

With Halladay throwing a no-hitter in the ninth I thought it would be a good time to post this card. I made it a couple of hours ago, but why not get it out there now? I don’t know why these cards weren’t made earlier, but I am sure that they got lost in the shuffle. (more…)

Robinson Cano – All Star


Brandon Phillips – All Star

Brandon is another player that is very fun to watch. If you watch This Week in Baseball you see that when he has a microphone on he really puts on a show. (more…)

Jose Reyes – All Star

Here is yet another New York player that made the All Star team. He has all the tools to be one of the greats. Time will tell if he will be up there when his career is over. He is a fun player to watch. (more…)

Yadier Molina – All Star

Yadier is one of three brothers to play Major League baseball. He may be the better of the three although I don’t know who would win a footrace. (more…)

Joakim Soria – All Star

I was able to see Joakim warm up this past weekend when I was at the Sox/Royals game. He really was having a blast before the game which made me like him as a player. I love to see a player having some fun at this game. That is what it is after all. (more…)

Matt Holliday – All Star

Matt has been an All Star type player ever since he was traded to St. Louis last season. He has been invaluable in giving Albert Pujols some protection in the lineup. In the game itself last night he made a great diving catch to help Josh Johnson pitch two great innings. (more…)

Josh Johnson – All Star

Josh pitched two scoreless innings last night in the All Star game for the National League. He was helped in the fourth by a great diving catch by Ryan Braun of the Brewers. (more…)

David Wright – All Star

David has become a fixture in the All Star game. His bat, glove, and location all are factors in this. It does not hurt that he plays in New York, but he is a great player in his own right. (more…)

Jose Valverde – All Star

Jose was one of the relievers chosen to play in this year’s All Star game. With the fact that the games count now the managers will pick more relievers. (more…)

Derek Jeter – All Star

I had better get a couple more New York players in this set before ESPN shuts me down. Jeter is one of the better players to play the game, and after last night I found a new respect for him. During the telecast they talked about how at his age Jeter is actually ahead of Pete Rose’s pace for hits in a career. I have been reading a few Rose books lately so it made me wonder if the record could actually fall. I don’t think Jeter will play long enough to do it, but you never know. (more…)

Brian McCann – All Star

Brian was the hero of last night’s All Star game. His two out double in the seventh off of Matt Thornton plated three runs, and gave the National League their first All Star game since 1996. The National League won the game 3-1, and McCann was named the All Star game MVP. (more…)

Tim Hudson – All Star

Tim is one of the better pitchers right now in the National League. His All Star selection is no fluke. He is the ace of the Braves staff that always has a great pitching staff. (more…)

Martin Prado – All Star

Martin is one of the best second basemen in the National League right now. He started tonight’s All Star Game at second base after Chase Utley pulled out. I am sure that he will be back in the midsummer classic many times before he is done. (more…)

Miguel Cabrera – All Star

Miguel hit some absolute bombs last night during the home run derby. He is one of the best players right now in the league, and it is no surprise that he made the all star team. He is leading or in the top two right now in all the triple crown categories. Can he do it this season? Only time will tell. (more…)

Hanley Ramirez – All Star

Hanley had a bad run earlier in the season when he was benched for going against his coach. He has since turned it around to become the all star that we all know and love. (more…)

Nick Swisher – All Star

Nick got into the All Star game by beating out Kevin Youkilis and Paul Konerko in the final vote. I was mad at first because his numbers did not seem worthy of the selection, but I remembered that the Sox started this whole campaign deal for the final vote. The Yankees just beat them out this time. (more…)

Torii Hunter – All Star

Torii gets the honor of representing his hometown club in the All Star game this season. I have had a love-hate relationship with him for years. Hunter won the Gold Glove so much I don’t think they even watched him anymore. The year he took it over Rowand even though he only played half the games sticks in my mind. He was very good though, and deserved all the credit he got. It is just hard to see a member of one of your rivals taking the glory all the time. (more…)

Marlon Byrd: All Star

One of the bright spots this season for the Cubs has been Marlon Byrd. He has been near the top of the NL batting race all season long, and has played some great centerfield. If you had to pick one Cubbie for the All Star game it would be Byrd. (more…)

Paul Konerko: All Star

On Saturday just before the start of the third inning the Gene Honda the White Sox PA announcer told the crowd that Pauly was an All Star after Justin Morneau pulled out of the game. So with that announcement Pauly will have to travel to Los Angeles for the All Star game now. He is a welcome addition to this set that probably would have had an all star card anyway. (more…)

Matt Thornton – All Star

I have been on the road the last few days so I am a little late in congratulating Matt Thornton on his All Star game selection. It is great that they rewarded him with a selection as the save category is usually used when picking relief pitchers. A few set up men have now been rewarded. None of them could have been more deserving than the selection of ‘easy heat.’ He has had a great start to the season doing everything that has been asked of him. He has made quite a few appearances as well. Ozzie has been playing the hot hand with him so far. I can’t wait to see him in Anaheim, and hope that Paul Konerko will join him. (more…)

Ubaldo Jimenez – All Star

Here is another no-brainer to be selected to play in Anaheim in July. Jimenez has had an outstanding first half so far. He has pitched a no hitter as well as keeping that momentum going after the game. I really don’t want to guess on too many players before they are announced, but I thought that a couple sure things would not hurt while we are waiting to see who will play in July. (more…)

Albert Pujols – All Star

Here is my second attempt at an All Star card. I thought that I would try an NL version, and what better player to try than Albert? Like Mauer he is a shoe in for the game. Since he switched to first base he has been at the top of the list for NL first basemen. He really is that good. Now we have an all star from each league in the set. I think that I will wait a month or so before attempting any more all star cards. I just wanted to try and get something going to see how hard it would be to do. (more…)