merging my pictures and cards

Jermaine Dye

1988 Score – Jermaine Dye

This was one of my first cards that I made. I looked at the card and thought that it would be simple for me to make from scratch. I was right, and so I made a few of them. I am still trying to get through them all before I move on to making them with my new photoshop program. (more…)

1977 Topps – Jermaine Dye

Here is yet another card of a former Sox player. I enjoyed watching Jermaine during his time with the Sox, and wish that his time could have ended a little better than it did. Since he has not signed with another team since I thought that he was fair game to continue to make cards of. I only have a few cards left with players who are no longer on the club. I will try and get them all out by the time the season starts so that I can concentrate on current players. (more…)

2009 Highlights – Jermaine Dye

I think that this card got lost in the shuffle for a while. It was part of my 2010 custom set. I started the set of with 14 cards highlighting some of the better games I saw in 2009. I used the 1985 Topps record breaker cards as a template, but changed them a little to suit me. Looking back at the card I think I might have been able to do a little better, but for an early crack at making cards it is not too bad. (more…)

1985 Topps – Jermaine Dye

I originally made this card as a short print for the 2010 set that I did based on the 1985 Topps set. I had so many cards made that I kept this one back thinking maybe JD would catch on somewhere. Of course he did not, and is now contemplating retirement. That is too bad. I think that Sox fans didn’t realize what a solid player that they had while he was on the South Side. (more…)