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Wide Receiver

1989 Pro Set – Donald Driver

89 pro set donald driver

Here is another card that I made early on featuring a Packer player. I am not too proud of these cards as they have holes all over them, but they were good to me at the time so I will post them. This is an example of a card that probably should not have been made. The back of the player is not the most appealing picture for a card, but at the time I was pulling from my stock of images which consisted of one Packer game from the stands. I really wanted Donald on another card so I was reaching a bit here.

1984 Topps – Kris Staats

I guess that today I will have a theme of former Slicers on the blog. I thought that since I created a new tab for former Slicers that I should add some cards to the list. I watched Kris as part of a record setting LaPorte Slicer offense in 2005. He then made his mark at Purdue as the holder on field goals. It was nice to see a local kid playing for my Boilers.  (more…)

1986 McDonald’s – Donald Driver

The story to most who follow this blog might be old by now, but as a kid I didn’t have these cards available to me. I had to settle for cards of the Bears. It is nice now to be able to make my own cards so that I can see what the players today would have looked like on this classic card. (more…)

1986 McDonald’s – James Jones

Here is another card that I made last season while the Packers were on their way to the Super Bowl. I thought that since they opened up the playoffs today that I would try and post the rest of my cards from then. If they can somehow make it back to the Super Bowl then I will have an empty folder to fill with new Packer cards.  (more…)

1984 Topps – Dorien Bryant

I was getting pumped up for the Purdue game against Notre Dame game tonight so I thought that I would make a few cards of both teams as sort of a countdown to the 8:00 kickoff. (more…)

1988 Topps – Donald Driver

Like the Woodson McDonald’s card I put out earlier today I like the way Donald is holding the ball in this picture. He really looks like the ball is stuck in his hand. I took this picture yet again in 2009 during pregame warmups. Donald had just finished a curl route where he caught the ball and turned up field. (more…)

1989 Pro Set – Greg Jennings

For a while Sunday I thought that Jennings might get the MVP nod. He caught a couple touchdown passes as well as the big third down catch that kept the final touchdown drive alive. I like Jennings because he is a good receiver, and because he also wear the number 85 which was my number in high school. Of course he sees the field so the number is where the comparison ends. Like Max McGee who wore #85 and helped win Super Bowl I Jennings stepped up when his teammates went down. I took this picture in 2009 at the Packers game against the Vikings. This picture was a frame ahead of the Jennings picture that appears on the special Super Bowl set I put out on gameday. (more…)

1979 Topps – Donald Driver

Here is the second retro card that I have done for the Packers. I wanted to do an older Donald Driver so I tried to find a good card to put him on. What better card than a 1979 Topps James Lofton? I liked the look of the card, and thought that I had just the picture to put on it. (more…)

2011 csd Super Bowl – Donald Driver

The second to last card in this mini set is of the great Packer receiver Donald Driver. Donald just missed the two Super Bowls with the Packers. He will finally get his chance this year. He is listed as probable for the game, but I would put money on him being on the field for the Packers first offensive drive. His effectiveness will be another question. (more…)

2011 csd Super Bowl – Greg Jennings

This is the second card in this mini set that I came up with yesterday. I didn’t really have the time to make up a new card. I like the way the card looks though with the Super Bowl logo in the bottom right hand corner. This picture of Greg was taken in November of 2009 during my only visit to Lambeau Field. He was trying to put a move on a few Vikings players to set up a big play. (more…)

Keith Smith


Golden Tate


Michael Floyd


Keith Smith


Antavian Edison


Donald Driver


Percy Harvin


Justin Siller

Justin may be better known right now for what he didn’t do than what he has done. He was forced to sit out last season after being kicked out of Purdue. He worked hard last year though to do everything that he had to do to make it back to the Boilermaker squad. He is back with the team this year with a new number. His number 5 already had a taker on both offense and defense. He will wear the number 2 and play receiver with some touches at quarterback and running back planned as well. This should be a fun year to watch Siller. (more…)

Reggie Wayne

How do you replace an icon at receiver like Marvin Harrison? Simple. Use Reggie Wayne. Reggie has been a force at receiver for the Colts helping them reach new levels as an organization. (more…)

Kris Staats

The third card in the football preview set is of Boilermakers receiver Kris Staats. Kris is a local product who played his high school football for the LaPorte Slicers. He is now a receiver on the Boilermaker squad, but since 2008 he has also been the holder on field goals and extra points. This season as Carson Wiggs tries to set some field goal records Kris will be an important part of that. (more…)