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Sammy Sosa

1981 Topps – Sammy Sosa

This card is a little rough, but then agan so was the end of Sammy’s career. Sammy was the king of Chicago before the 2004 season rolled around. A corked bat and an early flight out of town sent him out of town on a sour note. It really is too bad so see how the fans turned on him. This picture of Sammy was taken in 2007 when his Rangers were in town to play the White Sox. It was one of two attempts he made to regain his former form. He had a decent 2007, but would not play baseball again. It will be interesting to see how the Hall of Fame voters treat him. (more…)

Sammy Sosa – SP

Here is a hard card to put in the set. Sammy was one of my favorites as a member of the White Sox. It was nice to see him make history alongside of Mark McGwire. I have always loved this picture, and he was a huge part of my baseball life so this card will go in. It makes a fitting end to this short print Sunday. He was a lock for the Hall of Fame before he started getting named in the steroid news. It will be interesting to see how he is received when he becomes eligible for the Hall of Fame. (more…)