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Brent Lillibridge

1983 Topps – Brent Lillibridge

The other card I made tonight for Brent is this look at the ’83 Topps design. I normally make my own templates, but I loved the one Clinton uses over at A Hair Off Square so I asked him if I could use it. Thankfully he is a great guy and let me use it. I will have to make a couple more of these to get some use out of the template. (more…)


1984 Fleer – Brent Lillibridge

Brent has had a pretty good last couple of days while getting some playing time in the outfield for the White Sox. I have seen him hit two home runs in two days watching limited parts of the two games. I thought that I should make a couple of cards of the young guy to give him some love on this site. I like the simplicity of the ’84 Fleer template so I thought I would use that for the first card. I added the updated logo just to see how it looked. I think that it look pretty cool. (more…)

1975 Topps – Brent Lillibridge

Brent is a player that I was never very high on, but the way he has played this season he has really made me change my thinking. He really does give everything when he is on the field. In the middle of a season where people are not playing to the level you know they can it is refreshing to have someone playing higher than we thought they could. When I made the first few ’75 Topps cards I knew that I wanted Brent in that set. (more…)

1985 Fleer (Black) – Brent Lillibridge

Last night Brent was brought into the game against the Yankees to pinch run, and stayed in to play right field. With one out in the bottom of the ninth and two men on he made a very nice catch up against the wall that may have saved the ballgame. He then made a beautiful diving catch of a Robinson Cano line drive that ended the game. What made the catch so much fun to watch was how he threw his arms out after he caught the ball, and then pounded his hand on the turf in celebration. His teammates really let him have it as he jogged in to the great them. (more…)

2011 csd Preview – Brent Lillibridge

One player who is trying very hard to make the team is Brent Lillibridge. He is out of options so that makes the choice much tougher whether or not to try and send him down. He came over from the Braves a couple of years ago along with Tyler Flowers. He has never really caught on with the Sox. He has played well enough to earn a spot on the roster this season though. The only bad part about that is that Lastings Milledge has played even better. Ozzie will have a tough decision ahead of him in the next couple of days. (more…)

Brett Lillibridge