merging my pictures and cards

Texas A&M Aggies

2011 csd Custom – Ross Stripling (MLB Draft Pick)

I saw Ross play last year when I was in Texas following the Boiler basketball team. I liked his delivery so I took a couple pictures of him while watching him play against Missouri. When his name came up in the draft today I knew that I had a picture to make a draft card of him. I thought I would have a few more players in this subset then I currently have. I have had to stretch a bit to make good with the players that I have seen so far. (more…)

Ross Stripling

Ross started the game that I went to at Olsen Field earlier in the season between the Aggies of Texas A&M and the Missouri Tigers. He did not get the win, but he did settle down after a rough start to keep his team in the game which they eventually won. (more…)

Kevin Gonzalez

Here is another picture from my trip to Texas this spring. The Aggies were playing the Missouri Tigers, and I just happened to be in town. Of course I was going to go.

This picture is linked to two more in this set. Kevin was reacting to Blake Brown’s pop up to third base. Caleb Shofner ended up squeezing the ball for the out. The only thing that could have made this picture a little better was if Kevin was ripping off his catcher’s mask.

Caleb Shofner

This is yet another example of how a picture could get you in this set. I was in Austin the earlier this season and saw a game between Missouri and Texas A&M at Olsen Field. While in Houston to see the Boilers in the Sweet 16 we took a day trip to Austin to see the George H.W. Bush Presidential Museum. Who knew that this was right next door? Actually I did, and I planned the trip so that I could see Olsen Field. Thanks to my two trips to see the NCAA Basketball Tournament I was able to see two baseball teams in the baseball version of the tournament. The Aggies were part of the field that was announced today. (more…)