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Philadelphia Eagles

2011 csd Preview – Ryan Howard

Ryan is one of the more feared hitters in baseball. He really can hit the ball a ton. He came to Philly and quickly made Jim Thome expendable. That is saying a lot. He is can hit the ball a ton. When I saw him play last year he really disappointed a lot of Cub fans. When he came up in batting practice he was working on some things, and did not even try for a home run. A lot of people brought their gloves to catch one of his homers. I think the people on the street had a better chance though. (more…)

Mike Kafka

Mike was drafted in the 4th round by the Eagles out of Northwestern. I actually like this little subset in the football preview set. Some of the players that I saw last season will now be playing on Sundays, and thought it would be cool to show the transition. (more…)