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Jose Contreras

2013 Topps – Jose Contreras


Here is another of the 2013 Topps cards that I have been playing around with. This whole site started with me just tinkering with an idea. It quickly blew up into the 2010 custom set which was modeled after the 1985 Topps set. This 2013 idea started off much the same. It started with me messing around with the template for a project for some of the high school kids that I photograph. It then turned into what will probably become another set. Once you get the hang of editing the cards into templates it becomes very easy. When the teams have a similar color it becomes even easier. (more…)

1964 Topps – Jose Contreras

64 topps jose contreras

This card of Jose is the first new card that I have made in quite sometime. I saw Jose pitch yesterday for the Indianapolis Indians, and I knew that I had to make a card of him. He was a great pitcher for the White Sox in 2005 helping them win the World Series. I thought that I would give him a little love by making this card of him. He already has a few cards on this blog so he is no stranger to it.  (more…)

2011 csd Preview – Jose Contreras

As I said in a post a couple of days ago I was never too high on Jose as a member of the White Sox until his last season with the club. He has now had a successful run with Philly as a reliever. I really like the look of this card. The red on the side really looks great. (more…)

Jose Contreras

Early in this set I had a card of Jose using him in a Charlotte Knights uniform. I did not think that I would see the Phillies in person this year so I did what I could to get Jose in the set. After Sunday’s game I have a few pictures of Jose so we may see him a couple of more times on this site. (more…)

Jose Contreras

My first Phillie card of the set. Unless something changes it will probably be the last as well. I have only been to one Phillies game in my life, and it was ten years ago. I did however have to tip my cap to the job that Jose Contreras has been doing there out of the bullpen. Jose seems to love proving people wrong. Every time they write him off he shows them up. His performance in 2005 will be remembered by Sox fans for a long time. (more…)