merging my pictures and cards

Peoria Chiefs

2011 csd All Star Glossy – Greg Rohan

Greg is a player who made the Midwest League All Star team this season during his second year with the Peoria Chiefs. I love how the Midwest League All Star logo looks on this card, and I wish that I had seen a few more teams play this season so that I could have expanded this set a bit. A move further away from the Silverhawks made that hard to do. (more…)

1985 Donruss – Hak-Ju Lee

I thought I would try my hand at picking some prospects much like the companies did in the mid 80’s. Some players in the Rated Rookie group did very well, while others were never heard from again. I always liked the rated rookie cards so it wouldn’t surprise me to see a few of them end up on this site. The first is of a player that I saw play this past summer. Hak-Ju Lee is an up and coming shortstop in the Rays organization. His skills are supposedly better than the current shortstop Starlin Castro. If that is the case he will be a good one. He was traded to the Rays this past off season in the Matt Garza deal. I guess the Cubs are feeling good about Castro to trade away one of their best prospects. (more…)

Matt Cerda


Justin Bour

Justin may just be the slowest player that I have seen. This is coming from a guy who watches the White Sox and loves Paul Konerko. I have also watched the speedy Jim Thome, Dayan Viciedo, Ramon Castro, and Jermaine Dye. Justin seemed slower than them all. (more…)

Su Min Jung

Su was the first pitcher in after Ryan Searle when I saw the Chiefs play for the only time this season. (more…)

Ryan Searle

Back to the minors for the next couple of cards. Ryan started the Chiefs game against the Silverhawks earlier in the season. Ryan got the win on the night pitching a good game. (more…)

Jonathon Mota

Jonathon is one of the catchers in the Cubs organization. He is currently playing for the Peoria Cubs. (more…)

Casey Kopitzke

Casey was drafted by the Cubs in 1999 as a catcher. After his playing career was over he became the catching instructor for the Cubs organization. He was the manager for the Boise Hawks for half of last season. He now is the manager of the Peoria Chiefs. (more…)

Greg Rohan

Yet again we have a player in the set who is in it because of a picture. While the Chiefs were stretching out in South Bend earlier in the season an ad for the San Diego Chicken was playing on the big screen. Greg really seemed to be enjoying the ad. (more…)

Mario Mercedes

Here is another player who is in the set because of a picture. Part of the allure of watching Minor League Baseball is seeing the players up close. (more…)