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Grady Sizemore

2011 csd Preview – Grady Sizemore

Grady is a great center fielder. The picture above does not show it, but he really is a great athlete. If you have seen his pictures that he posted online with his camera phone he is built as well. When looking for his rookie card for the back of this edition I stumbled upon a couple of custom cards that people had made of his cell phone pictures. Those were pretty good. As it says on the back of the card this picture was taken on what should have been the last day of the regular season in 2008 as Grady was warming up before the game. I really don’t have too many good pictures of Sizemore because I either have bad seats, or he was injured that game. Maybe this year I can see him play again. (more…)


Grady Sizemore

Grady is a player that I think gets taken for granted. He has anchored the top of the Indians lineup for some time now. He can cover some ground in center, and is good at the plate as well. Before the addition of Alex Rios the White Sox were looking for someone who could do either of those two things well. Grady is a good ballplayer that will keep the fans in Cleveland happy in center for some time to come. (more…)