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Alexei Ramirez

1957 Topps – Alexei Ramirez

For some reason I have held onto this card for a while. I really like the card, but for some reason I kept waiting to release it. The ’57 Topps design is simple, but for some reason I like it. I probably like it because it has plenty of room for my picture. Of course you can’t have action so the room is used to close shots. (more…)


1989 Upper Deck – Alexei Ramirez

Since he just hit an extra inning home run to win the game I thought that I would close tonight with an Alexei Ramirez card. He is one of my favorite players, and I love his reaction when he knows that he has just hit a game winner. He helped the Sox avoid another bad loss tonight, and for that he gets another card on the site. (more…)

2011 csd Preview – Alexei Ramirez

I might as well keep the Cuban theme going tonight by posting my preview card of Alexei Ramirez. I have loved watching him play since his first spring with the Sox. He started the season off slow, but quickly became a star on the South Side. He is a fun player to watch, and I don’t think that he has reached his potential yet. That is scary. (more…)

1989 Upper Deck – Alexei Ramirez

I already had a card for this set for Alexei when I made this one. Thankfully I already set a little precedent by just changing the logo on the card. The other Alexei had the new logo on it so I just placed the logo that was on the original card here. This card is actually very easy once the template is made. In photoshop I have the teams I have used on the sidebar so I just click on the right one, and it appears where it should. Then I just have to change the name and position and I am good to go. (more…)

1988 Donruss – Alexei Ramirez

It had to be hard to top the 1987 Topps card. They were very popular, and the competition was heating up even more in ’88. In addition to Topps and Fleer Donruss had to compete with a new company called Score. They had to come up with a design that would grab the collectors attention. This card certainly grabbed the attention of anyone holding them. This was never my favorite design, but it is growing on me over the years. I even posted way too many of these cards the other day onto the site. (more…)

1988 Score – Alexei Ramirez

Saturation Sunday will close with this 1988 Score replica card of Alexei Ramirez. When he first came to the White Sox I had never heard of him. He had a great spring in 2008 making the team. He struggled out of the gate, but then performed to the level that had him in the Rookie of the Year talk. He is one of my favorite players because of the passion that he plays the game with. This picture is a little different. Alexei had a very weird stance watching the ball into the catchers glove. I don’t remember the exact circumstances, but I would almost bet it was a bunt attempt. No matter I love the picture, and think it looks good on the card. (more…)

1983 Topps – Alexei Ramirez

If you have a close up picture of a player, and an action picture what can you do with them? You can make a 1983 Topps card that’s what. I have already made two cards from this set, but they were both Twins players. This is the first White Sox card. It is a little rough. I still have to figure out how to properly replace the Topps logo in the upper right hand corner. It is a little rough, but I liked both pictures enough to release it now. This was the first of two years in a row where Topps decided to have two pictures on the card. That makes it a little tougher for me to make cards because I need a close up headshot to make them. (more…)

1987 Fleer – Alexei Ramirez

Sitting here snowed in I decided to try and make a couple of cards. I have a few that I have already made sitting in a file, but after I made this one of Alexei I thought I would post it right away. This was a terrible picture of Ramirez. He was way off center in my frame. As a picture for a card though it worked pretty well. (more…)

1984 Topps – Alexei Ramirez


Alexei Ramirez

Alexei is one of my favorite Sox players. He has provided excitement to this club since his rookie year in 2008. He has the look of a boy, and the swing of a man. A lot of fans are down on him, but he is exactly what this club needs. When he gets a little more experience the town will see what he can really do. In my opinion he is the best Ramirez in Chicago. (more…)

Alexei Ramirez – 1984 Fleer

This is the first 1984 Fleer card that I have attempted. The base card was fairly easy to make, but once again I had trouble finding a font that looked like the one used in 1984. I finally found two that at least made the card passable. I had these cool pictures of Alexei that I got at Wrigley a week ago that I wanted to put to use. The perfect way to do that was to make a couple of cards with him in them. As this posts I should be at the Sox game watching them take on the Braves. Let’s hope that he can continue his hot streak. (more…)