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Tyler Flowers

1989 Upper Deck – Tyler Flowers

I thought since I am a Sox fan I should actually post some cards of my favorite team. I was having so much fun making cards of other teams that I neglected the one that I root for. I took this picture of Tyler in 2009 when he was brought up at the end of the season. He has come with a lot of hype, but yet the veteran catcher is still around. I fear that Tyler is headed for Joel Skinner status in Chicago. (more…)

1986 Topps – Tyler Flowers

Here is another card in my series today of White Sox and Red Sox players to commemorate the 25th anniversary of my second Major League game between those two teams. Tyler is a prospect that has been the talk of the team since 2009. I took the picture on the front of this card in 2009 as Tyler was seeing some action late in a game. It was my first time seeing him, and I was pretty excited. (more…)

1983 Fleer – Tyler Flowers

I have been making some newer templates from scratch and getting rid of my old photoshopped templates. Early on I was relying on just altering an actual card instead of making my own. Now that I have a ’83 Fleer template I don’t need to do that anymore. I thought that I would get rid of my last ’83 Fleer card made from an actual card before making too many more from my new template. (more…)

2011 csd Preview – Tyler Flowers

I know…I know. I have already made a preview card of Tyler in his Charlotte Knights uniform which he will be wearing to start the season. Why make another with a team that he won’t even start with? The answer is that I got to see him play a couple games this summer. If he can keep that going I don’t see how he sits at Triple A for too long. I know that the Sox have two catchers and a DH so he would not get to play, but the kid might just be coming around. (more…)

1985 Donruss – Tyler Flowers

Minor League Monday concludes with this card of Tyler Flowers. I wasn’t going to post another card tonight, but I liked this one so much I had to get it out. I had two pictures that I was debating on for the 2011 preview card of Tyler that I posted earlier tonight, but this one was right there with them. I have spent some time at parks trying to get just this picture. Only a couple of times have I gotten it this good. I actually did it on the second try as well. It is harder than you think to get the ball hitting the mitt. I love cards of catchers so what would another one hurt. (more…)

2011 csd Preview – Tyler Flowers

Here is another Charlotte Knight card in the preview set. Tyler has been a prospect that we have all been hoping will bust out at anytime. Actually I think that they White Sox have been hoping for that themselves. I think that the original plan was to have Tyler as the full time catcher right now. Signing A.J. this off season I think was a sign that they don’t exactly have a lot of faith in him right now. (more…)

1988 Donruss – Tyler Flowers

I wanted to do a few things with the rookies on the Sox last year. I made some older cards featuring two players, and I also wanted to try my hand at a rated rookie. What better player to try that on than Tyler? Tyler has had an up and down career so far. After being traded from the Braves he tore up the Arizona Fall League. He did the same in the minors the next season. Last year he had an off year at Triple A. He was once thought to be the heir apparent to A.J. Pierzynski at catcher, but doubts have started to creep in. This will be an important year for Tyler as a member of the White Sox. (more…)

Tyler Flowers 2


Tyler Flowers

Here is the guy who will probably take over for A.J. when he is gone. Right now Tyler Flowers is sitting in Triple A just waiting for his chance. He would be up with the big club, but they want him playing everyday to shore up his defense. From what I have been hearing his bat is ready, but his defense needs some work. I have a feeling that we will find out soon what he can do in the pros. (more…)