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Toronto Blue Jays

1985 Topps Famous Lineage – Kevin Eichhorn

Kevin is the second card in the revamped Famous Lineage series. This is actually the reason I resurrected the set. I see a few kids every year in the minors who are relation to former ballplayers. Most are sons of the former players, but in order to get all the players in the set I changed the name to Famous Lineage. (more…)


1985 Donrus – Chad Jenkins

Midwest League Monday continues with another 1985 Donruss rated rookie card of Chad Jenkins. Chad was selected 20th overall in the 2009 draft. He played most of the season last year with the Lansing Lugnuts the low A ball affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays. He was moved up at the end of the season after a good year that saw him on the Midwest League All Star team. (more…)

Brett Cecil


John Buck


Brad McElroy


Casey Janssen


Ryan Goins


Oliver Dominguez


Ryan Schimpf – MWL All Star


Sal Fasano

Sal is currently the manager of the Lansing Lugnuts in the Midwest League. He is a former Major Leaguer that last played professionally in 2009.  He played for nine different organizations during his career. He may be best known for his mustache. (more…)

A.J. Jimenez

A.J. was a highly touted catcher in high school who currently plays for the Lansing Lugnuts. I took this picture last year as the season was winding down, but I have seen him play this season for the Lugnuts as well. (more…)

Vernon Wells

Vernon is one of the top center fielders in the game right now. He has a powerful bat as well as great range in the field. He is one of the feared batters on his club, and makes the guys around him better. (more…)

Alex Gonzalez

No, this is not that Alex Gonzalez that blew the 2003 season for the Cubs. This Alex Gonzalez was on the Marlins that day and actually went to the World Series. He hit a walk off in the 12th inning of gamer four to help the Marlins to the World Championship. (more…)

Chad Jenkins – MWL League All Star

Earlier today I posted the regular card of Chad Jenkins. Now it is time for his Midwest League All Star card. As with the other MWL All Stars I have used the 1986 Topps template for this card. I like how it looks on these cards. I will have to think of a template for the Northern League All Star squad. Once again at 1 Blue Jay Way they have great interview with Chad in which he has a couple classic lines. (more…)

Chad Jenkins

Chad was the first round pick of the Toronto Blue Jays last season. He was the 20th pick overall in the 2009 draft, and looks to be moving right up the Blue Jays ladder. This past week he was promoted to Dundein the Toronto high class A team. Jesse over at 1 Blue Jays Way has a few good posts on Chad. (more…)

Mark Sobolewski

The first post of today covered the story behind why Mark will not be playing in tonight’s Midwest League All Star game in Fort Wayne. He looked like a slugger, and so I took a few pictures of him in case he would be selected to the team. Little did I know that he would get called up a week before the game. (more…)

Mark Sobolewski – MWL All Star

Mark is a perfect example of why an All Star team in low A ball is hard to put together. He was one of the better players who was selected to the Midwest League All Star game that will be played tonight in Fort Wayne. The problem is that if you are playing too good you will be called up. That was the case a little over a week ago when the Blue Jays moved Mark up to their high A ball team in Dunedin. (more…)

Cito Gaston

Cito is a legend in Toronto. He is the manager that brought the franchise its only two World Series titles in 1992 and 1993. He was brought back into the fold after an absence in 2008 to try and turn around the franchise again. Gaston seems to be good at getting the most out of his players. (more…)

Ryan Schimpf

Ryan is one of the rising stars in the Blue Jays organization. When I was headed to the game I looked up the team to see who was on the team worth noting. Ryan was one of those players. It is very hard to predict future talent in low A ball. The best of the best are easy to see, but sometimes you find a few surprises along the way. It will be interesting to see how many players from this years All Star game make it to the bigs. (more…)

Brad Glenn

Brad is in the set because he hit a monster shot on Sunday that helped the Lugnuts win the game. I have a few cards made of Lugnuts players, and I will have to get them out sooner or later. I think I may just have to have days dedicated to some of these teams that I have cards made of. It is getting hard to decide what cards to release on what date. (more…)

Lyle Overbay

Here is a custom card from the 5/8 game against the Blue Jays of Lyle Overbay. I used to watch Lyle play when he was a member of the South Bend Silverhawks. He could really tear the cover off the ball in single A. He has been struggling a bit so far this season, but he has had a nice career so far playing for the Diamondbacks, Brewers, and now the Blue Jays for the last few years. (more…)