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Tyler Colvin

1991 Fleer – Tyler Colvin

This was a fun card to make. I really only owned a couple of the real cards, but for some reason I liked how this one turned out. Tyler is one of the players on the Cubs that I actually liked. I was sad to see him struck by the bat, and was actually rooting for him to get back to the form that I thought that he could show. The Cubs gave up on him though and sent him to Colorado. I hope that he can find some of that form again.  (more…)

2011 csd Preview – Tyler Colvin

Tyler is a young Cub with a lot of promise. As a Sox fan I could not figure out last season why he was not getting more playing time. I know that I am not supposed to have favorite players on the Cubs, but I really enjoy watching Tyler play the game. Maybe he can fill in for Paulie once he retires. (more…)

Tyler Colvin

Tyler is one of the best prospects in the Cubs organization. He is near the lead on the club for home runs, and if he is given any playing time at all he will be at the top of that list. The sky really looks to be the limit for Tyler. (more…)