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Milwaukee Brewers

2011 csd All Star Glossy – Ryan Braun

Ryan is a very good baseball player that would probably be a much bigger star if he played in a big market. He is a player that is exciting to watch, and it was good to see him get the recognition of being in the All Star game. (more…)

2011 csd All Star Glossy – Prince Fielder

I had a club ride tonight with some fellow bikers so I missed the start of the All Star game. I tuned in just in time to see Prince Fielder jack a three run home run to put the National League ahead 3-1. I always root for the American League in these games, but this year I don’t think homefield advantage in the World Series will effect my White Sox. I hope that I am very wrong about that statement. (more…)

2011 csd Preview – Ryan Braun

Ryan might just be one of the most underrated players in the bigs right now. I live fairly close to Milwaukee, and I don’t hear that much about him. If he played in New York he would be huge. (more…)

2011 csd Preview – Mat Gamel

When I saw Mat play in 2009 he was a rising star in the Brewers organization. He has since fallen from grace a bit. He only played in 12 games in the bigs last season. He played most of his season down in the minors. Unless something drastically happens at the end of spring training he will probably start there again this season. (more…)

2011 csd Preview – Prince Fielder

I had better start releasing some of these preview cards before the season starts. I don’t live that far from Milwaukee, but I have only been there three times to see games. Prince only played for them the last time, but I was glad to see him play at home. I might have to try and go up their this summer to catch them wearing their throwback uniforms. Time will tell if I make it though. (more…)

2011 csd Preview – Yovani Gallardo

One of my favorite pitchers to photograph so far has been Yovani. He has a very cool pitching motion that looks great on a card. The way he throws his lead arm out is pretty great. He is also a pretty good pitcher on the Brewers staff. (more…)

Trevor Hoffman


Ryan Gennett

Ryan was selected late last season in the draft, but has become one of the better players on the Rattlers roster. He made the Midwest League All Star team this season. As of right now he is hitting .320 with 37 doubles. He is one of those players that will be fun to watch move up the ranks. (more…)

Joey Paciorek – Famous Lineage

Joey as I said in the previous card is the son of former big leaguer Jim Paciorek and the nephew of former Sox player and broadcaster Tom Paciorek. I decided to put his uncle Tom on this card because this set is modeled after the 1985 Topps set, and the year that inspired it. (more…)

Joey Paciorek

Joey is the son of Jim Paciorek and the nephew of former Sox player Tom Paciorek. Joey is the backup third baseman with numbers that are not too good. At this point in his career that could spell the end for him. It was still cool to see a familiar face even if it wasn’t to the PA announcer. He said Joey’s name wrong twice before someone must have corrected him. I guess the guy didn’t watch White Sox baseball for years. (more…)

Cutter Dykstra – Famous Lineage

Here is the lineage card for Cutter and his dad. I like these cards because they bring the past into the present. As a kid Lenny was a fun ballplayer to watch. Maybe his kid can give fans the same feeling in the future. (more…)

Cutter Dykstra

Today is Lenny Dykstra descendant day on the blog. The first card is of his son Cutter who plays third base for the Wisconsin TimberRattlers. He shares that postition with another major league descendant Joey Paciorek for the Rattlers. (more…)

Prince Fielder – Famous Lineage

It has been a while since I have posted a famous lineage card on the site. I guess I have been so busy doing other things that I forgot that these were around. With all the talk of Prince possibly coming to the South Side though I thought that it would be a good time to post this one. (more…)

Prince Fielder

Prince is one of the most feared hitters in the league when he steps up to the plate. When he gets a hold of a pitch it can go a long way. His size and home run hitting ability make him an imposing figure in the batters box. (more…)

2009 Highlights: End of the Road Trip

One year ago today we ended our annual road trip at Miller Park in Milwaukee to see the Dodgers play the hometown team.  We had a great time watching the game from some great seats. It was a great way to end our trip, and gets a spot on the highlight list. (more…)

Corey Hart

Corey is off to a great start this season. He has now made a name for himself instead of being linked to the 80’s singer who famously wore his sunglasses at night. Corey hit three straight home runs over a two game period this past May. One of those was a walk off, and the next day he hit is first grand slam. (more…)

Yovani Gallardo

Yovani is one of the better pitchers in the National League Central in not the entire National League. He just signed a five year deal to stay in Milwaukee this past April, so it looks as though he will stay the ace for the Brewers for some time to come. (more…)

Craig Counsell

Craig has lived a charmed life. He was born in South Bend, Indiana to an employee of the Milwaukee Brewers. During his career he has played in both locations. When his high school career was over Craig played his college ball at Notre Dame. He has also played for the Brewers on two separate occasions. He pretty much has to be living the dream. I met Craig in 2007 at the Notre Dame baseball banquet. He was a good speaker who kept the crowd going with his behind the scenes stories of the big league life. He is the type of ballplayer that would make a good coach someday. (more…)