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Rockford RiverHawks

1989 Upper Deck – Elvin Millan Jr.

The most popular card on this site is not one of Paul Konerko or Albert Pujols. No Yankees are at the top of the list. The card that has the most views is my 2010 custom card of Elvin Millan Jr. Elvin was a catcher last season for the Rockford RiverHawks of the Northern League. I had a nice shot of him throwing down to second on the card, and for some reason more people have seen that card than any other. (more…)

Mike Wood


David Cooper

The story behind this card has actually happened a couple of times to me so far this season. I was at the Riverhawks game against the Railcats when I ran into what appeared to be David Coopers parents. (more…)

Elvin Millan Jr.

I saw Elvin play earlier this season when his Riverhawks squad came to Gary to play the Railcats. Millan was once a very highly thought of prospect heading into college. Somewhere between that time and now his stock dropped. From what I saw in Gary over a two day span he looks to be a highly capable catcher. I guess that the talent pool steps up dramatically as you move up the ranks. (more…)

Rich Austin

Rich was going to eventually be in this set. Watching him interact with the fans yesterday cemented that fact. What got him in the set tonight was his actions after the game today. When Mike Rohde hit his game ending double in the bottom of the 14th Rich ended up with the ball. I knew that the ball would be cool to have so I asked him if I could have it. It took a second to get his attention, but he turned and tossed it to me. I know that he could not have been happy at that time, but it was great that he gave me the ball. (more…)

Kevin House

Here is the card of the left fielder who threw me the Townsend home run ball. Without doing that I am not sure that I would have included him in this set. In fact I had to take a picture of him in the field in order to get him in this set. He tossed me up a few balls on the day instantly making him a fan favorite in left field. I gave all of them away except for the home run ball, but it was still cool of him. He factored into the game by hitting a triple in the 5th inning that tied the game. He smoked a ball to the gap that scored two runs. If that ball had been hit anywhere else it would have been out of the park. He also made a great catch to end the ninth on a line drive. (more…)

Randall Simon

Really? Randall Simon still plays baseball? That was the question in my head this morning as the lineup for the Rockford RiverHawks was announced. Sure enough in the first inning Simon strolled up to the plate, and it was the man, the myth, the legend. Simon will not be remembered as much for being a decent ballplayer as he will be for the Sausagegate incident. (more…)