merging my pictures and cards

Rich Austin

Rich was going to eventually be in this set. Watching him interact with the fans yesterday cemented that fact. What got him in the set tonight was his actions after the game today. When Mike Rohde hit his game ending double in the bottom of the 14th Rich ended up with the ball. I knew that the ball would be cool to have so I asked him if I could have it. It took a second to get his attention, but he turned and tossed it to me. I know that he could not have been happy at that time, but it was great that he gave me the ball.

This picture was taken at yesterdays game during warm ups. He came out onto the field while his teammates were stretching. He was singing and having a good time the whole way out, and then he started getting the crowd of kids into the game by leading cheers. Most players try and ignore the crowd. He sought them out right away. It is funny how in this short two game set he was the focal point for me at the beginning and at the end.

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