merging my pictures and cards

Kevin House

Here is the card of the left fielder who threw me the Townsend home run ball. Without doing that I am not sure that I would have included him in this set. In fact I had to take a picture of him in the field in order to get him in this set. He tossed me up a few balls on the day instantly making him a fan favorite in left field. I gave all of them away except for the home run ball, but it was still cool of him. He factored into the game by hitting a triple in the 5th inning that tied the game. He smoked a ball to the gap that scored two runs. If that ball had been hit anywhere else it would have been out of the park. He also made a great catch to end the ninth on a line drive.

As I said earlier I took this picture late in the 14 inning game. I think it might have been the 7th or 8th inning when the players were starting to feel the heat. Little did they know how much longer they would be playing. This is not the best picture, but he is in the set.

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