merging my pictures and cards

1955 Bowman

1955 Bowman – Matt Holliday

I have always loved this set. I think I first saw pictures of it in the price guides I used to read as a kid. Then one issue they had a ’55 Bowman Mantle card that you could cut out to have. I was so excited that I had a card from the set. It didn’t matter that it was not real. I still have the card to this day. (more…)

1955 Bowman – Paul Konerko

I must have a thing for wood cards today. After making a couple 1962 Topps cards I thought I would try my hand at the 1955 Topps card. This is now the oldest card that I have tried to make. It seemed simple enough to make, but for some reason I couldn’t find one with enough resolution to do a good cutout for the picture. I liked how the card turned out though so it was worth it. (more…)