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Derrek Lee

1977 Topps – Derrek Lee

Derrek makes the blog once again, but in a retro card as a member of the Cubs. I really like how the ’77 Topps set has held up, and I think that the Cubs card really looks good. I have made a couple, and plan to make many more from this set. (more…)

1988 Score – Derrek Lee

Although he is no longer a member of the Cubs I thought that I would still put a few cards up of Lee while he was a Cub. I had a couple of good pictures that I thought would be perfect for a couple of card designs. This one seemed to fit the ’88 Score model perfectly. It seemed as if they had about seven kinds of photos that they put on a card. That is not a scientific number at all. It is just me going off of my memory. You have to remember that I take pictures because I have a bad memory. So take my statements lightly. This just looked like a Score picture to me. I really like how this card turned up. I don’t think that I could have taken an actual card and made it look better than my photoshop version. (more…)