merging my pictures and cards


1985 Topps – Jordan Minch

85 topps jordan minch south bend cubs

Custom 1985 Topps Jordan Minch

One site that will always mean a lot to me is the 1985 Topps set. It was the first real set that I completed by buying packs. Remember when packs where 35 cents each, and a box cost under $20? As I get this site back up again I thought a few new 1985 Topps cards could be the ones to do it.

Back At It

After a small hiatus I decided to bring this site back online. It has some terrible photos of mine on it. It also has some pretty cool creations on it. I don’t know where I am headed with this, but I thought that it would be cool to put it back up, and see what happens.


1975 Topps – Tim Lincecum

75 topps tim lincecum

I was blessed to get to watch Tim Lincecum pitch a couple of weeks ago. I really love his style, and it was perfect for making lots of pictures. I had a great seat to make pictures of him during the game, but late in the game I was asked to move behind the plate for a minute while they helped a VIP get out of the row. Of course I took that to mean that I could get right behind the plate to make a couple of pictures. I did just that, and the photo above one of those that I took from there.  (more…)

2013 Topps – Jared Snoble


Here is another card that I made for the 2013 West Lafayette JV team. I am a bit behind in posting them because of something else coming up unexpectedly, but I need to get these cards out there. I love the new Topps design, and I also like finding pictures of mine to put on them. I will try and keep up with this project over the next couple of days, but it may go on hiatus again as I make a trip to San Francisco to see the Giants play.

2013 Topps – Carter Bodi

2013 Topps CARTER BODI

Here is another of the cards that I made for the local JV baseball team. I have been wanting to brush up on my Photoshop skills, and I thought a nice little project was just the way to do that. I like the way that the new cards from Topps look, and I like how my pictures look on them even better. This will be a fun set to see complete.

2013 Topps – Keegan Forbes


This is the first of what I hope is an entire team set of cards for the local JV team that I photograph for fun. I have really learned a lot shooting these games, so I thought that I could give something back. I usually put my images on cards from my childhood, but I thought that I would try putting these images on the current set from Topps. I think that it has worked pretty well so far.

1991 Fleer – Dan Haren

91 fleer dan haren

This is a card that I made for the back of my 2011 custom set that was kind of lost. I had great hopes for the set, but each card took way too much time for me to make. The idea of making a card to put on the back similar to the old Stadium Club cards just added to the work. That being said I made many of the cards without ever releasing them. This is one of those cards. They were not the best to look at, but since I took the time to make them I thought that I would release them here. I have always liked watching Dan pitch. The day that I saw him play in 2010 he really gave me a lot of good opportunities to take pictures of him. He already has a few cards on this site.

2013 Topps – Jose Contreras


Here is another of the 2013 Topps cards that I have been playing around with. This whole site started with me just tinkering with an idea. It quickly blew up into the 2010 custom set which was modeled after the 1985 Topps set. This 2013 idea started off much the same. It started with me messing around with the template for a project for some of the high school kids that I photograph. It then turned into what will probably become another set. Once you get the hang of editing the cards into templates it becomes very easy. When the teams have a similar color it becomes even easier. (more…)