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Fort Wayne Wizards

1986 Topps – Craig Cooper

Here is the second of two card I made of former Midwest League player Craig Cooper. After taking a few pictures of him at Notre Dame I found out that he had a very photogenic swing. It was a big swing that I saw again last year with Andruw Jones. I also wanted to make a couple cards of the old Fort Wayne Wizards. They have since changed their name to the Fort Wayne TinCaps. (more…)


1987 Topps – Craig Cooper

Get ready folks today isĀ  1987 Topps day. I had a few sitting in a folder after I made them during the snowpocolypse. Releasing a few here and there would never get them all out. I thought that I would just post a bunch of them today to get them out there finally. What better way to start it out than with a minor league player on a team that does not exist anymore. The Fort Wayne Wizards became the Fort Wayne Tincaps prior to the 2009 season. Before that they were the Wizards. I guess they didn’t want to take the old name into the new ballpark. (more…)