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Albert Pujols

2011 csd Preview – Albert Pujols

The Pujols dump will conclude with the debut of the 2011 csd preview card of King Albert. After seeing way too much about him all day I thought that my card dump of him was in that mode. The front of the card is pretty standard by now with a picture of Albert that I took in 2009. I saw the Cards in Wrigley last summer, but my bleacher seats did not allow me to get too many good pictures of the star players. I will have to see them play this season to get some pictures for the regular set. (more…)

1987 Fleer – Albert Pujols

I may like this card more than any of the other ones that I have made so far. That might be why I saved it for last of the retro cards of Albert. Before the end of the night I will release the 2011 csd card of Albert. To me this just looked like a 1987 Fleer card. Something about it struck me as being very cool. (more…)

1988 Donruss – Albert Pujols

More Pujols? Yup. I have a couple more cards of Albert to release today.The 1988 Donruss set is not my all time favorite, but it still has its merits. After a few years of making cards that I liked they really seemed to strike out for a couple years in a row. (more…)

1987 Topps – Albert Pujols

After posting a few 1987 Topps cards yesterday you would think I would be out. Sadly that is not the case. I did hold onto this one for an extra day though so that I could put it out today. For some reason I still like this set even though I have way too many of them in real life. I am starting to get too many of them virtually as well. (more…)

1985 Fleer – Albert Pujols

I will step back a year and post this 1985 Fleer card of King Albert. The other cards in this Pujols dump were all autoposts. I decided to post this card after eating lunch today and seeing the nonstop coverage on Albert Pujols on almost every sports channel. The breaking news was broken last night, and there is nothing new to report. He is not going to sign. He is a great ballplayer, but how much more can you drag this out? (more…)

1986 Topps – Albert Pujols

With all the news lately about Albert Pujols I started this Pujols dump today on the site. I had a few cards sitting around so I figured why not release them? This is the picture that was the smaller picture on the 1984 Topps card that proceeded this one. I like how this picture looks, and it had mid-80’s written all over it. (more…)

1984 Topps – Albert Pujols

This card I am still not too sure about. I tried to make my own 1984 Topps card so that it would be easier to make multiple teams. I had a lot of trouble making the team font on the left look right. For teams like the Twins it looked good, but it looks off for this card. I like the set though so I will try to make it right. (more…)

1975 Topps – Albert Pujols

This is the second card in the Albert Pujols dump, and the second new card to the site. I have wanted to do the 1975 set for a while, but it looked as if it could be a pain. Thanks to my new photoshop program having a baseball template in it I was able to make this card fairly easy. Although a Cardinal player was the first of the 1975 Topps set I am sure that a few Sox players will follow. (more…)

1959 Topps – Albert Pujols

In addition to doing some set dumps like I did yesterday with the 1987 Topps set I thought that since I have a bunch of certain players I would do some player dumps in the next few days as well. Since Albert Pujols has been in the news the last few days I thought I would start with him. I sort of did this already when Bobby Jenks signed with the Red Sox, but this might include a few more cards. (more…)

1985 Drake’s Big Hitters – Albert Pujols


2009 Highlight – Albert Pujols Walkoff


Albert Pujols

King Albert has been a fixture in St. Louis since he first came into the big leagues. He started off hot, and has really never cooled off. He is the face of the Cardinals, and has put up great numbers every year. This May he had numbers that were still above average, but not up to Albert’s standards. People were saying that he was in a slump. Major League players would kill to be in that kind of a slump. (more…)

Albert Pujols – All Star

Here is my second attempt at an All Star card. I thought that I would try an NL version, and what better player to try than Albert? Like Mauer he is a shoe in for the game. Since he switched to first base he has been at the top of the list for NL first basemen. He really is that good. Now we have an all star from each league in the set. I think that I will wait a month or so before attempting any more all star cards. I just wanted to try and get something going to see how hard it would be to do. (more…)