merging my pictures and cards

Las Vegas 51’s

1986 Topps – Zach Stewart

I have been following Zach for some time now as a player. In 2009 I saw him pitch for the Las Vegas 51’s at Wrigley Field as part of the Road to Wrigley game. I took some pictures of him, and had a couple that turned out fairly decent. I posted one of them on my other website along with a quick recap of the game. That is when one of the cooler things that I have found about blogging happened. His mother found the pictures, and wanted to know if I had anymore. I sent them to her, and that small personal connection was enough for me to check on Zach’s progress from time to time. Today Zach was traded to my White Sox as part of the deal that sent Edwin Jackson and Mark Teahen to the Blue Jays. I look forward to taking some pictures of him as a member of the Sox. (more…)

Zach Stewart

Zach is an example of one of the cooler stories that I have come across since I started blogging. I posted on my other blog Confessions of a Sports Junkie about the Road to Wrigley game last August. In that post I included a picture of Zach that his mother somehow found. She contacted me to ask if I had any more since they had no access to pictures of him. I sent her all the pictures I had in a couple of emails, and it felt great. I hope that I can someday see him play in the bigs and get some pictures of him. Sometimes the simplest interaction can mean the most. I begin to wonder every now and then if anyone is reading my stuff. Little things like that help me along when I feel as if I am just writing for myself. Zach was traded to the Blue Jays organization from the Reds along with two other players for Scott Rolen. He was a reliever in AAA last season, but he is starting this season in AA. Right now he is 3-1 in ten starts for New Hampshire. (more…)