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Ozzie Guillen

1993 Donruss – Ozzie Guillen

This is kind of a weird card for me to make for two reasons. One of those is that Ozzie was in this set as a player. I usually don’t make cards like this, but I felt the need to make the card. The second reason is that Ozzie is no longer the manager of the Chicago White Sox. Ozzie came in and took the Sox to the next level. He won the World Series in just his second year at the helm of the team. He has never been able to re-create that success though, and that might be a partial reason as to why he was fired. As a Sox fan I am torn today. I realize that something had to happen. That being said I am excited to see how the Sox will go from here. Of course I am also sad to see the skipper go. (more…)

2011 csd Preview – Ozzie Guillen

Time for some White Sox cards. I have done enough other teams that maybe I should post a couple of my favorite team. What better player to get started with than Ozzie Guillen? Ozzie was a fixture at shortstop for the Sox before becoming the manager in 2004. Then of course he steered them to their first World Series title since 1917 in 2005. He may be better known for his antics around the country than his managing ability. It is those antics that make him so much fun to watch. (more…)

Ozzie Guillen

With a template made for managers it was only natural to make one of Guillen. Ozzie was the shortstop on the White Sox when I attended my first game. It was his first season in the Majors, and he quickly became a fixture on the south side. He was always one of my favorite players, and it made me very happy when he brought the Sox their first series since 1917 as a manager. I am sure that we will see his number 13 retired at some point by the club. (more…)