merging my pictures and cards

Minnesota Vikings

Percy Harvin


Brett Favre

As expected Brett Favre today appears to be announcing that he will be coming back to the Vikings. Who believed that he was retiring anyway? I am personally happy that I will get to see Favre at quarterback for at least one more season. I may have to travel to see him play one last time this season. Of course I thought that I was doing that last season so who knows? The same teammates may be going down to Mississippi every season until Favre is 80 to bring him back. (more…)

Adrian Peterson

Adrian is one of if not the best running backs in the game. After an injury filled career at Oklahoma he came into the league as somewhat of a question mark. In a short time he has erased all questions. As a fan of his rival team I wish that it were not so, but unfortunately it is true. He makes some great plays on the field. (more…)