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2009-2010 Basketball

2009-10 csd Basketball – E’Twaun Moore

Smooge has been very fun to watch during his time at Purdue. He may have never gotten the accolades of the other players in his class, but he has sure produced. He will leave the school as the #2 scorer ever with an outside shot of taking over the #1 spot. Barring overtime or something crazy this should post about the time E’Twaun is being recognized after the game. (more…)

2009-10 csd Basketball – JaJuan Johnson

The game should just about be tipping off right now. If I have planned this right JaJuan will be going up for the tip for the final time at Mackey. He has been fun to watch in Mackey for the last few years, and it will be bittersweet to watch him play here for the final time. (more…)

2009-10 csd Basketball – Robbie Hummel

Robbie is probably my favorite player on the team. That is why it hurt so much when he went down with an ACL tear not once, but twice over the last two years. This team is good without him, but it is scary good with him. He will get to play in the renovated stadium next year though. (more…)

2009-10 csd Basketball – Lewis Jackson

Lewis Jackson or LewJack as we call him has really come on of late. I did not have too many pictures of him from last season because he was out for so long with his foot injury. I don’t think that he was ever full strength, but he burned a possible redshirt year to help his team. (more…)

2009-10 csd Basketball – Kelsey Barlow

The next card in this set is of sophomore Kelsey Barlow. Kelsey is one of those guys who you really start to root for over time. He has all the skills, but just needs to put a few games together where he shows them all off. Right now is is mostly known for his highlight dunks, but he is so much more than that. He has really played well down the stretch for the Boilers. (more…)

2009-10 csd Basketball – Keaton Grant

The set from last season continues with another senior that has already graduated. Keaton was fun to watch from day one. He came in along with Chris Kramer and helped the Boilers reach the NCAA Tournament after a drought. He was a real leader that stepped up his game late when Robbie went down. (more…)

2009-10 csd Basketball – Mark Wohlford

Since today is senior day I thought I would post the rest of these cards I had made for last season. I was going to release these just before this season, but decided that it should be a baseball only blog. Looking back I realized that I can throw an odd card in here and there that is not baseball related. Of course today I am going to post the entire set so the site will be basketball rich. (more…)

2009-10 csd Basketball – Ryne Smith

The first player posted today who is on the team this season is Ryne Smith. Ryne started off the Big Ten season on a tear, but has since cooled off a bit. Even when his shot is cold though Ryne can make up for it on defense. He is a smart ballplayer that has a knack for disrupting the defense. (more…)

2009-2010 csd Basketball – Chris Kramer

Before this season started I had this idea to make a set for last year’s Purdue basketball team. For some reason I never released it. With the Indiana game starting as this post hits I thought it would be a good day to post one of the cards. I don’t know if any of the other ones will ever see the light of day. (more…)