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Gordon Beckham

1988 Topps – Gordon Beckham

88 topps gordon beckham black

This was the first card that I made for this black White Sox template. For some reason Gordon has been the first guy for most of the templates. I guess since he was the first custom card that I made I keep going back to the well on that one. He was once thought of as a savior at second base for the White Sox. Now he is a very good ballplayer on this upcoming team. (more…)

1972 Topps – Gordon Beckham

I don’t know why it has taken me so long to put this card out. It was one that I made during last season. Sometimes for one reason or another a card just sits in a folder on my computer for no reason. I would like to try this ’72 design again so I need to get this card out there. (more…)

1951 Topps – Gordon Beckham

Until yesterday I had never heard of the 1951 Topps set. While searching through the Sports Card Blogroll I saw a card of Willie Mays on Cards That Never Were. Of course the card was fake, but the set was not. I don’t know how I have collected cards for almost thirty years without hearing about this set. It was a two series set of 52 cards each. I am glad that I saw the post because I love how the card looks. As soon as I saw it I knew that I had to try my hand at one. Since Gordon was the first custom card that I made I thought he should be the test subject for the card. (more…)

1975 Topps – Gordon Beckham

Here is yet another color variation I tried this morning while making some ’75 Topps tribute cards. This version is very close to the two Cardinals cards I released sometime back. The difference now is that I control the template. I can make this card for any team that I wish. I like the fact that I can manipulate this for college and minor league teams.

This is yet another picture taken earlier this season against the Mariners. I had a good seat that night so it seemed like that made it easy to get some good pictures. Here Gordon is waiting for his hat and glove after being stranded on second base. He got on base with a double that knocked in a couple of runs though. I just liked having a picture of a player without their hat on. Especially a hairdo as talked about as Gordon’s.

1984 Topps – Gordon Beckham

I really like the 1984 Topps design. The problem is that it is hard to recreate the font on the side of the card. For this one I cheated and used the actual writing from a Sox card. The design is a little tricky because I not only need a shot for the card, but I also need a close up for the bottom left hand corner. That really will limit how many of these that I can make. (more…)

2011 csd Opening Day – Gordon Beckham

I like the idea of this set. I took so many pictures yesterday that it would have been a shame to make all my Sox cards off the bat. This way I can have the fun of making Sox cards out of the gate knowing that I can make the regular issue card. Although nothing is really different from what I have already put out there in the preview set I like this card. The Opening Day logo looks good on the bottom of the card. (more…)

2011 csd Preview – Gordon Beckham

This is the player that started all of this. I had a picture that for some reason I decided to make a 1985 Topps card out of. Here is a link to that first card. If I had known how much time I would spend on these since then I might have done things differently. I did like the end result though, and this blog is a direct result of that. (more…)

1990 Donruss – Gordon Beckham

I debuted my version of this card a couple of days ago with a Brent Morel rated rookie. I had not tried the card before because of the script at the top, but it was not too bad. The cards don’t look too bad so I may try a few more. Today’s look at the early Donruss card is starting to wrap up. Now that we are in the 90’s it can’t be too far away. (more…)

1981 Topps – Gordon Beckham

While this is not the first 1981 Topps card I have made it is the first White Sox card. I made a terrible effort at a Sammy Sosa Rangers card a while back. The Sosa card was made with a bad image, and I didn’t feel the need to re-do it. I think that experience caused me to shy away from trying another ’81 Topps card. I found a great custom by Steve at White Sox Cards that seemed like one I could use to make this card. It was a Mark Teahen birth years card that I made into my White Sox template. It worked very well I think, and I would like to make a few more. (more…)

1973 Topps – Gordon Beckham

Here is another card new to the site. I have wanted to do a 1973 Topps card, but it is difficult because you almost have to have a template for each position. I found a couple high res images online that I could work off of. I had one for second base and one for shortstop. I found a picture that I thought might fit this template so I went with the 2nd base card first. I will have to try a couple more of these. This is the year after all with the Fisk trophy card. (more…)

1977 Topps – Gordon Beckham

Saturation Sunday continues with another fake retro card. For some reason I really like how the 1977 Topps card has held up. I might also like this card for the same reason I like a lot of these older cards. I had one or two as a kid, but not very many. Thanks to the magic of photoshop I can now have as many as I want. (more…)

1987 Topps – Gordon Beckham

Another ’87 Topps card already? I have a few of them made. I told you that for some reason I really like the set. A few pictures just really seemed to look good on them as well. By the end of the season I am sure that I will have a complete team set plus some of the White Sox from the 1987 tribute set. (more…)

1981 Fleer – Gordon Beckham


Gordon Beckham 1989 Upper Deck

Gordon was one of the most exciting players on the team last season. He is a fan favorite, and that is why I thought it would be fitting to make him my first try at a 1989 Upper Deck card. I cheated a little on this one. The other cards I made from scratch, but this one I used a scan of a card, and altered it from there. I knew that there was no way I was going to be able to re-create the first baseline on the right side of the card. I think that it turned out good, and I can’t wait to make a couple more. (more…)

2009 Highlights – Civil Rights Game

Last year just over a year ago I was in Cincinnati for the Civil Rights game between the White Sox and the Reds. I saw a lot of highlights that day. Before the game Frank Robinson, Hank Aaron, Muhammad Ali, and Bill Cosby were all on the field. I mean how can you get better than that? I toured the Reds Hall of Fame, which if you haven’t done yet you need to. When the game started the White Sox found themselves in a shootout with the Reds. Eleven days earlier I was able to see Gordon Beckham get his first Major League hit in person. On June 20th he hit his first ever Major League home run with me in attendance. For some reason I have seen a lot of his home runs in person including his only one this season. The Sox won the game, and I went home happy. This was one of those games that I will remember for a long time. (more…)

Gordon Beckham – 1985 Fleer

This is my first attempt at a 1985 Fleer card. When I saw this picture I knew that it would make a great card from the 80’s. It has just enough action to look like something is going on, but it was just a simple catch during warmups. This picture was taken last weekend when I was at the Sox game at Wrigley. I had good enough seats that I got some pictures that can be used on these older looking cards. (more…)

Gordon Beckham – 1st MLB Hit HL

I had to title the post this way because in a couple of weeks I will have another card in the highlights series featuring Gordon. So far I have had good luck in seeing Beckham do well. I have seen about 1/3 of his pro home runs in person. On June 6th of last year though I was lucky enough to be at the game where he got his first hit. The original post from that game can be found here from my other site Confessions of a Sports Junkie. Gordon had gone almost a week in the bigs without a hit. When he was called up I knew that I would be at this game, and I wondered what the chance was that we would see it. Gordon did not disappoint. He drove a Dontrelle Willis pitch to the outfield, and took a huge monkey off of his back. He rode that momentum through the rest of the season. (more…)

Gordon Beckham – SP

With the draft so close I thought that today’s short prints should be draft related. Gordon was taken 8th overall by the White Sox in 2008. Less than a year after he was drafted by the Sox he was on the big league club. He is listed as a shortstop on the card because that is what he was playing in Charlotte that day. He has played third in the majors as well as second this season. (more…)

My first custom card: Gordon Beckham

This is my first custom card that I made today. Of course it has to be of Gordon Beckham since he is the savior of the White Sox. This picture was taken on May 5th against the Royals. Because I attended my first game in 1985, and this is the 25th anniversary of that Topps set and my first game I have picked that set to use this year. I will try to post as often as I have the pictures for. I would assume that sooner or later I will run out of players to make cards of if I am only using my pictures. (more…)