merging my pictures and cards

Missouri Tigers

Jonah Schmidt

Jonah had an up and down day the only time I saw him play this season. He had two hits against Texas A&M two help his team to an early lead. His drop of a line drive though helped the Aggies get back into the game which they eventually won. (more…)


Blake Brown

This is the fourth player in a row that was picked because of a picture. I wanted a card to represent Missouri to add to the set, and this picture of Brown fit the bill. It is great how teams in both the pros and in college are going back to the old style uniforms. I hope that this is not a fad and it sticks around. I am one that really does not like modern looking uniforms. I like the old style socks and jerseys. The Tigers look like they could have stepped out of the 30’s. (more…)