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Kyle Gaedele

2007 Topps – Kyle Gaedele

I thought that I really need some newer templates to work off of. I  have been putting players who are currently in college onto cards that were made ten years before they were born. I saw this 2007 Topps template and thought that it would be an easy first newer card to try. The card looks a little off, but I have time to tweak it a bit. The colors on the template were actually made for Purdue, but I thought that they worked well for Valpo as well. (more…)

2011 csd Custom – Kyle Gaedele (MLB Draft)

Kyle has had a few cards on this site already. It started off with him being the famous great nephew of Eddie Gaedel. After watching him a bit I knew that he would make the next step when it was time. He is only a junior, but when San Diego drafted him 203rd overall they might have just ended his career at Valpo. This is the second card already for Kyle in this set. If he ends up playing for the Fort Wayne Tincaps in the Midwest League I could possibly have three cards of him in the set. (more…)

2011 csd Custom – Kyle Gaedele

Kyle has made this site before on a couple of cards. He was one of the first famous lineage cards that I made. I have probably already beat this subject into the ground, but Kyle is the grand nephew of the late Eddie Gaedel. Beyond that he is a very good ballplayer with scouts sitting through a cold rainy day to watch him play. (more…)

2011 csd Preview – Kyle Gaedele

I don’t have too many college cards in this set. One of them had to be Kyle Gaedele though. Kyle is the great grandnephew of Eddie Gaedel the famous midget who walked on four pitches in his only at bat for the St. Louis Browns in 1951. Kyle could be a curiosity piece because of his name, but he is a damn good ballplayer as well. I have only seen limited games that the Crusaders have played, but he has played outfield, third base, and even pitched for them. He did all of them well I might add as well. (more…)

Kyle Gaedele

Well we have broken the minor league barrier yesterday so today we will break the college barrier. I guess the set has already done that with his famous lineage card. I only put OF/P on the card, but I have also seen him play third base. Is their nothing that he can’t do? He was selected by the Rays out of high school so I would guess that they already thought highly of him. Kyle is only a sophomore so I would love to see how high his draft stock rises. (more…)

Kyle Gaedele: Famous Lineage

Here is the first of the cards that stretch the father/son concept that Topps came up with. Kyle Gaedele plays for the Valparaiso Crusaders. His great uncle  is former St. Louis Brown Eddie Gaedel. I really wanted to make this card sooner, but could not find a good card of Gaedel. All of them were very modern looking, and I did not want that. I figured I could wait and see if I could find anything else. My prayers were answered this morning when Steve at White Sox Cards posted another in his series of cards that never were. It was a 1951 Gaedel. That was exactly what I was looking for! So after gaining permission to use the card I finally had what should have been the first in this famous lineage series.  This was my first post on the subject on my site Confession of a Sports Junkie. If you want to learn a little more on the link between the two here is the original post. (more…)