merging my pictures and cards

Ozzie Guillen

With a template made for managers it was only natural to make one of Guillen. Ozzie was the shortstop on the White Sox when I attended my first game. It was his first season in the Majors, and he quickly became a fixture on the south side. He was always one of my favorite players, and it made me very happy when he brought the Sox their first series since 1917 as a manager. I am sure that we will see his number 13 retired at some point by the club.

The problem with making a card of a manager is getting a good picture of him on the field. They usually only come out to argue with the manager, or to make a pitching change. They don’t even exchange lineups anymore. You have to be at the right place at the right time to get one. This picture was taken last June against the Tigers as Ozzie was arguing a call at first. He never got heated, but just asked why the call was made then made his way back to the dugout. That is very typical of Ozzie.


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