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1988 Topps – Gordon Beckham

88 topps gordon beckham black

This was the first card that I made for this black White Sox template. For some reason Gordon has been the first guy for most of the templates. I guess since he was the first custom card that I made I keep going back to the well on that one. He was once thought of as a savior at second base for the White Sox. Now he is a very good ballplayer on this upcoming team. (more…)

1991 Leaf – Alex Dickerson

91 leaf alex dickersonWhen Indiana came to play Purdue a couple of years ago I had a couple of ideas for players to shoot that played for the Hoosiers. As the weekend went on I heard that Alex Dickerson was really being scouted for the MLB draft. He was eventually selected by the Pirates in the draft, and played in high A ball last season. Time will tell how far he will climb, but maybe someday he will be playing (more…)

1988 Donruss Diamond King – A.J. Pierzynski

88 donruss pierzynski dk

Here is a card that I made very early on in my card making process. At the time I did not think that A.J. would make it past the trading deadline at the time. He actually stayed a couple of years after that so this card really shows its age. I was just learning a few things, and this card is very rough. I like the idea though so it makes the site. If anything it just shows how far I have come.  (more…)

1988 Donruss – A.J. Pierzynski

88 donruss pierzynskiI made this card a couple of years ago thinking that A.J. had played his last game for the White Sox. I went through my images and plucked out some of the catcher that I liked, and that would fit on specific cards. For some reason this picture was just screaming ’88 Donruss. This just seemed like a shot that I would have seen on that card. (more…)

1986 Topps – Carlton Fisk Tribute (1991-1993)

86 topps fisk career (91-93)Here is the final card in the mini set that I created to cover the career of Carlton Fisk. One day I was bored thinking of ideas for custom cards. Normally a card has to have a picture by me to be on this site. Carlton was my favorite player, and after seeing the set that Topps did for Pete Rose in 1986 I decided to make my own. It was a fun idea that I have since copied for Gary Carter upon learning of his passing. I may bring this back in the future for some of my other favorite players. Those will be weird though as some of them weren’t born yet in 1986. (more…)

1986 Topps – Carlton Fisk Tribute (1987-1990)

86 topps fisk career (87-90)Here is the second to last card in this mini set that I created. Since it is Carlton Fisk’s birthday today I thought that it would be a good day to finish this set off. It was created a while back, and since this blog has sort of fallen off the map it has never been finished. The cards have just sat in a folder on my computer. Today that will end.  (more…)

1986 Topps – Carlton Fisk Tribute (1983-1986)

86 topps fisk career (83-86)

I have been away for a while, but I figured that today would be a great day to post the rest of my Carlton Fisk career highlight cards. These were done in the style of the 1986 Topps Pete Rose career highlight cards. I had a lot of fun making them, but for some reason I have been slow to release them. When Gary Carter died I paid tribute in a similar fashion, but actually posted all of the cards. I guess I will have to use this excuse to post the rest of the Fisk cards today. (more…)