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1986 McDonalds – Clay Matthews

86 mcd's clay matthews

Here is a set that I loved to make. When I was growing up you had to go to McDonalds to get these cards. Living near Chicago all that they had around me were cards of the team that had just won the Super Bowl. Of course I decided when I could that I would make my own.  (more…)


2010 Football – Adam Brockman

adam brockman

This is how far behind I am on this blog. I have some of the 2010 custom football cards that I made that I have never released. This was a set that started as a tribute to the 1985 Topps Football card, and then morphed into what you see above. It was a simple and clean design that allowed me to show off my pictures a bit more. In the end I never really followed through on it, and I only made a handful of cards. (more…)

1989 Pro Set – Clay Matthews

Clay is a player that I did not know too much about when he was drafted by the Packers. He was not the big splash that you like to see teams make with their early draft picks. At least so I thought. He has become a force in the league that helped propel the team to the Super Bowl win last season. (more…)

1986 McDonald’s – Nick Barnett

Just because he was not on the postseason roster does not mean that I cannot have Nick in my celebration cards. Nick is a great linebacker that was missed this season. In the end they won without him, but they had to go through some growing pains before they got over his loss. I really like this set if you can’t tell already. I have four more of these cards to release as the days go by. (more…)

1977 Topps – A.J. Hawk

After a slight delay here is another of the Packer cards I made in celebration of their Super Bowl win. I thought that this Hawk card would be a good one to start the cards back off with. This is the 1977 Topps card is the second that I have done. The first one I did was the Charles Woodson card that I released a couple of days ago. (more…)

2011 csd Super Bowl – Clay Matthews

The third card in my set is of linebacker Clay Matthews. I like the picture on the front because it shows him bearing down on Brett Favre who is handing the ball of to Adrian Peterson. Matthews led the charge on this play to keep Peterson behind the line of scrimmage. (more…)

2011 csd Super Bowl – A.J. Hawk

Since my Packers are in the Super Bowl today I thought I would make a few cards to commemorate the day. I cheated and just used the template for the 2011 baseball set. I made a few modifications so that it would work for football I was a little leery of the football in the upper corner, but just went with it. Overall I like how the cards turned out. I have a few that I made that I will put out as the day goes on tomorrow. (more…)

Manti Te’o


Jason Werner


Joe Holland


Chris Carlino


Dwayne Beckford


Clay Matthews


Nick Barnett

Here is another Packer linebacker. Nick has been a force in the middle for the last few years. I like the way that he plays, and hope that he will be a Packer for a long time to come. (more…)

A.J. Hawk

Right now I am watching a replay of Packers Family Night on the NFL Network. I decided that I need a couple of Packers cards in this set. The first of those is linebacker A.J. Hawk. A.J. in my mind will always be linked to Brady Quinn after that famous bowl game a couple of years ago when they would show Hawk, Quinn, and Quinn’s sister over and over. Besides that he is a very good linebacker as well. (more…)