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South Bend Silverhawks


1985 Fleer – Zach Walters

2011 csd All Star Glossy – Zach Walters

The Silverhawks ended their season today with a win so I thought that the last card of the day should be of a Silverhawk player. Zach is a guy who started off strong. Sadly I moved before the end of the season so I really have lost touch with this team. (more…)

1987 Fleer – Rossmel Perez

During his short time in South Bend Rossmel became one of my favorite Silverhawk players. It didn’t hurt that he was a catcher, but he really seemed to have fun playing the game. I would love to see him play for the Diamondbacks one of these days. (more…)

1985 Fleer – Zach Walters

I have really been getting behind in posting my Silverhawks cards. For the last couple of years I had a Minor League Monday feature where it was the only day I would post Minor League cards. I have missed it the last couple of weeks so maybe I will just post cards whenever I want for a while to catch up. (more…)

2011 Gypsy Queen – Bobby Borchering

I have yet to hold one of these cards in my hand, but I love what I have seen so far online. I have seen plenty of the actual cards along with a bunch of great customs by other bloggers. I decided to throw my hat into the ring and try and make a couple of these. I didn’t want make cards of players that are in the set so I decided to use some other players that I have seen over the last few years. The first of those is Bobby Borchering. Bobby was the 16th pick of the 2009 MLB Draft by the Arizona Diamondbacks. I was lucky enough to watch him play many games in South Bend last season. I thought that he would be a good first choice for this set. (more…)

2011 csd All Star Glossy – Yazy Arbelo

I sat down and tried to come up with a cool design for my all star cards this season. Last year I just stole from the ’76, ’85, and ’86 Topps all star designs. I was determined to make a design that was my own. What happened was that I came up with a couple designs that I really want to keep for future custom cards. I stumbled across some all star glossy cards from the 80’s, and knew that I had stumbled across something. Instead of coming up with a new card I could just put out a glossy set. I used one of those cards for a template, and put the ’11 All Star logo on the bottom with the new date at the top. I really liked how these turned out. I would like to make more of these for the Midwest League as well as making them for the American Association and the MLB All Star game. This little sub set could grow to be fairly large before I am done. (more…)

1985 Fleer – Yazy Arbelo

I have a class A affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks just a few miles away from my house. I attend a few South Bend Silverhawks games every year, and it is a given that they will have some cards on this site. In order to make my 2011 custom cards I had to make some cards for the back. I liked how the ’85 Fleer cards were looking so I decided that the Silverhawks would use that Yazy gets the first card because he has stood out the most to me this season. He was just named to the Midwest League All Star team as a reward for his efforts. (more…)

2011 csd Custom – Bradin Hagens

The last card of Minor League Monday is the 2011 custom card of Bradin Hagens. Bradin was a member of the team last season so I thought I should get a card made of him right away. Bradin was a starter last season, but has worked out of the bullpen so far this season. (more…)

1988 Topps – Bradin Hagens

Bradin is another player that was on the ‘Hawks last season. Most of the time those guys are not with the team very long. Keon Broxton was already moved up just a couple of weeks into the season. Bradin is a solid player that I hope can make that move up soon. (more…)

2011 csd Custom – Chris Jarrett

Chris is another player playing part of his second season with the Silverhawks. He has bounced around the lineup so far this year, but is still looking to make his mark with the team. (more…)

1988 Topps – Chris Jarrett

This was the second ’88 Topps card that I attempted. I changed the name plate to be a color other than pink, but left the card pretty much the same as the White Sox card. The colors were close enough to the Silverhawks colors to make it work. I do like how it looks even though it really isn’t a copy of the ’88 Topps card. (more…)

2011 csd Custom – Keon Broxton

That last card of Minor League Monday is of South Bend Silverhawks centefielder Keon Broxton. He is a very talented player that appears to be very close to finding that little extra that takes him over the edge. He led all of professional baseball last year in triples with 19. He can flat out fly. Sunday he legged out yet another triple on a simple ball hit into the gap. He can field and throw, so why is he back in low A ball? I think it comes down to the fact that he needs to work on a few things before he can get where he needs to be. (more…)

2011 csd Preview – Justin Upton

Justin is another big leaguer that spent time in South Bend with the Silverhawks. He came to South Bend as a #1 pick, and had some heavy expectations on him. At first I didn’t think that he was all that great, but he quickly started to show exactly what he could do. He has shown flashes of that in the majors, but still has yet to play like I think he can. If he can do that he will be among the best. (more…)

1985 Donruss – Bobby Borchering

Bobby was drafted one spot ahead of A.J. Pollock who was the previous card on Midwest League Monday. He did not come to the Silverhawks right away because he was just out of high school. He is being brought up slowly. He was a highly touted prospect out of high school though, and has shown flashes of what they want out of him. He will be battling another third baseman, Matt Davidson, his entire way up though. That is a good problem for an organization to have though. (more…)

1985 Donruss – A.J. Pollock

A.J. was a star at Notre Dame. You might not have heard of him as much as you should of though because they school was still getting over the Jeff Samardzija days. He was a solid hitter that could really cover some ground in center. I enjoyed watching him at Notre Dame, and was thrilled to hear the Diamondbacks drafted him 17th because that meant I had a shot to watch him again with the Silverhawks. I saw him get a hit on the MLB Network with the big club yesterday, and it reminded me how high the ceiling really is for this kid. (more…)

1985 Donruss – Chris Owings

Midwest League Monday continues with Chris Owings. Chris was the 41st overall pick in the 2009 MLB Draft. He played a very solid shortstop last year in South Bend. He is one of the up and coming prospects in baseball. He is listed on a couple of the top 100 lists that come out each year. (more…)

1986 Fleer – Bobby Borchering and A.J. Pollock

My first 1986 Fleer card was not that good so I thought that I would try another one. What better attempt than to try a dual rookie card. This is how we were introduced to Jose Canseco as kids. This card features two up and coming players in the Diamondbacks farm system. They were both picked in the first round of the 2009 MLB draft going 16th and 17th. Bobby Borchering was taken 16th right out of high school, and A.J. Pollock was selected with the next pick out of Notre Dame. (more…)

2009 Highlights – Simon Castro Gem


Kenny Sosa

Kenny was a reliever for the Silverhawks at the beginning of this season. Shortly after this picture was taken and this card was made he was given his release. He was a member of the team this season so he gets a card in the set. (more…)

Brian Budrow

Brian is a reliever for the South Bend Silverhawks. I have only seen him pitch once in person, but I did get a couple of pictures of him from that appearance early in the season. (more…)

Jae Yun Kim

Here is another catcher that has played in South Bend this season. Kim was a short timer though, and was sent down to extended spring training earlier in the season. I do not know what has come of him since then. (more…)

Brad Gamberling

Since I have pretty much given up on Midwest League Monday I thought that I would at least post a Silverhawks player to end the night. (more…)

Eric Smith

Eric was the first Silverhawk card that I made for this set. For some reason though it was set aside, and I did not find it until now. (more…)

Andrew Fie

Andrew had a great game the first time I saw him in a Silverhawks uniform. Apparently looking at his stats that was the last time that he had a good game. (more…)