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A.J. Pierzynski

1988 Donruss Diamond King – A.J. Pierzynski

88 donruss pierzynski dk

Here is a card that I made very early on in my card making process. At the time I did not think that A.J. would make it past the trading deadline at the time. He actually stayed a couple of years after that so this card really shows its age. I was just learning a few things, and this card is very rough. I like the idea though so it makes the site. If anything it just shows how far I have come.  (more…)

1988 Donruss – A.J. Pierzynski

88 donruss pierzynskiI made this card a couple of years ago thinking that A.J. had played his last game for the White Sox. I went through my images and plucked out some of the catcher that I liked, and that would fit on specific cards. For some reason this picture was just screaming ’88 Donruss. This just seemed like a shot that I would have seen on that card. (more…)

1984 Topps – A.J. Pierzynski

I had made this card a long time ago with some other Sox players. This was the first card type that I owned. It has probably been said many times on here, but I picked up my first baseball card ever in a trade for a french fry. It was a battered ’84 Topps Vance Law. I still have that card somewhere, and for that reason I always will enjoy this set.  (more…)

1987 Fleer – Pierzynski and Sale

In late 2010 I attended the White Sox game against the Tigers in Detroit. In the bottom of the ninth Sale gave up what appeared to be the game winning home run to Brandon Inge. The ball was ruled fair on the field, but was clearly foul. Thanks to replay the call was overturned and the White Sox had another chance. Sale struck out Inge, and pitched a great tenth to earn his first Major League win. I have the lineup card from the Tigers dugout that I bought prior to the game. After Sale earned the win I was stoked that it was mine. I made this card right after the win, but for some reason never released it.  (more…)

1987 Fleer – A.J. Pierzynski

This is one of the cards I made just after last season when I thought that A.J. would not be back with the Sox. I wanted to have his cards on here for a couple of days since he is one of my favorite Sox players. I wanted to use this template because it is still one of my favorites from my childhood. I like how the card looks, and look forward to updating this template so that it looks a little better. (more…)

1986 Topps – A.J. Pierzynski

This will be the final ’86 Topps card tonight. It is also one of the oldest that I have made. I made this last October as part of a mini set of A.J. cards in case he did not come back to the Sox. I really thought that he would be gone for sure. If Tyler Flowers (who had a card a couple of posts ago) had played a little better I think that A.J. would have been gone. Thankfully though he was brought back to the Sox. (more…)

1981 Donruss – A.J. Pierzynski

I thought I would keep up the trend of new cards with this one of A.J. I had not even thought about doing a 1981 Donruss card until last night. As I was watching MLB Network I was thinking about how these cards were made 30 years ago. I thought that I would give it a try. After having some success cropping around the White Sox name on the ’78 Topps card I thought that this wouldn’t be too bad. The only thing that I don’t like about the design is my logo in the corner. I wanted to stay with the script look that I have been using, but it doesn’t seem to fit the card. (more…)

1978 Topps – A.J. Pierzynski

The final card in today’s AJ dump is another new one. This is the only 1978 Topps card that I have attempted so far. I like how it turned out so I will make more, but I need to post some of the cards that I have before I can make any more. This card would have been much harder with my old editing program. The new one has a baseball that I can just put on the card so it makes it easier. I just put the position on the ball, and change the name and I am good to go. The ease of this template will ensure many more are made. (more…)

1977 Topps – A.J. Pierzynski

This is another card that I made a while back. I had some cards made to do something like this if AJ signed with another team. I should have done it when he signed with the Sox, but I was not posting then. This card is a simple design, but I really like it. That may show on the right side of this blog in how many are already posted. I bet I have as many waiting to be posted. I really just need to post one card an hour for a few days to get all of them out there. Maybe I will count down to the start of the season that way. (more…)

1976 Topps – A.J. Pierzynski

This is the first 1976 Topps card that I have made. This set is much like the 1973 set in the fact that you have to have a template for each position because of the small drawing on each card. This makes mass production very hard. I like the look of the card though so I may give a few more a shot. Making this process a little easier is the site Project Baseball 1976. He has a great database of high resolution cards on his site. While I was looking for the cards I was stuck reading the great writeups he has for each card. Be prepared to spend some time there. Another reason to make more of these cards is the fact that this is my birth year. That just so happens to be the same year that A.J. was born so this is a good first card for the set. (more…)

1972 Topps – A.J. Pierzynski

The A.J. Pierzynski dump has now reached the 70’s with this card. I really like the 1972 Topps design. Of course my favorite player Carlton Fisk was featured on his first big league card that year. It is a  simple design, but it has held up over the years very well. (more…)

1966 Topps – A.J. Pierzynski

Another card in this dump of A.J. Pierzynski cards. I knew that I would be gone all day so I thought that another player dump would not hurt anything. Especially when I have so many cards of A.J. This was one of the first really old cards that I tried to make. You can usually tell them by the fact that they are made from scratch. I was not too sure with my old program how to properly cut around the ribbon in the upper left corner so I just made the card from scratch. I don’t think it turned out too bad, but before I make any more I may have to tweak a couple of things. (more…)

1963 Topps – A.J. Pierzynski

Yet another card of A.J. I really wanted to try the 1963 Topps design. The way I made this card I think that I can change the colors fairly easy without altering the card too much. It may look a little too modern, but I don’t like it aged as much as with the vibrant colors. (more…)

1962 Topps – A.J. Pierzynski

I like the look of this 1962 card. Like the ’57 Topps design it really looks modern, but I like the look just the same. This is the third card of the AJ dump that I scheduled for today. Since I would not be around I wanted to get some of these cards of AJ out there. I was proud of a few of them, and thought that maybe more people should see them. (more…)

1957 Topps – A.J. Pierzynski

This was actually the first card that I made out of those that will appear today. With my old photoshop program I was very limited to what I could make. I made this ’57 Topps card from scratch. These cards look a little too modern the way I made them, but I like the look of them. (more…)

1952 Topps – A.J. Pierzynski

Since I will be gone most of the day I thought that I would have my second big player dump today. This one should be pretty cool. I will be putting out cards I have made of A.J. The catch is that the years have to be before 1980. The first one is the awesome 1952 Topps card. I love the card, and will try to make a few of them. The signature line has AJ’s name along with the inscription ’05 World Series Champs. I thought that was a nice touch for the card. (more…)

1985 Fleer – A.J. Pierzynski (Black)

I couldn’t go that long without putting out another alternate card. I was wondering how the 1985 Fleer card would look with the current colors on it. I think the black background looks very good on the grey cardstock. This is a sharp card that I think I may make a few more of. (more…)

1985 Fleer – A.J. Pierzynski

After all of the alternate cards today I thought I would post a regular card. Well it is my version of the regular card anyway. I always liked the 1985 Fleer set so I made a few of the White Sox players a while back. For some reason I have not posted this one yet. I thought since I apparently have been on a 1985 kick today why not post a card from the other manufacturer that year. (more…)

1984 Fleer – A.J. Pierzynski

This is another card with a picture taken during the Labor Day game in Detroit. A.J. knocked in the winning run so he was of course the hero. As he was getting interviewed after the game I kept waiting for a shaving cream pie to come into play. It never did, but I did get this picture of A.J. during the interview. (more…)

1964 Topps – A.J. Pierzynski

This card is a bit of a stretch. I made a template of the 1964 Topps card early on in my card making days. I had trouble finding pictures to put on it though. After a while I realized that unless for some reason I was granted access to the players I would never fill these cards. I ended up just putting a few players on the card to see how it looked. I used this picture of A.J. signing for the fans on the last day of the season in 2010. (more…)

1983 Fleer – A.J. Pierzynski

Here is yet another oldie but goodie. This is the first regular White Sox card in the 1983 Fleer set that I have been making. I made a Joe Crede card as a Twin, and a Super Star Special card featuring Mark Buehrle and Dewayne Wise. I like the 1983 Fleer design, but may have to try and use my new program to make a new template. This one looks a little rough. (more…)

1989 Upper Deck – A.J. Pierzynski

After appearing on the Johnny Damon card last night I thought that I should post a card of A.J. In late August we had awesome seats behind the Sox dugout. As the players came in and I snapped this picture of A.J. I knew exactly what card I was going to make with it. For some reason certain pictures should be on certain cards. This just had Upper Deck written all over it. This was one of those cards. (more…)

2011 csd Custom Preview – Johnny Damon

Since I am snowed in I really had nothing better to do than to create another card for the preview set. As I am making different teams for the set I am liking the design more and more. I will have to find a picture that would look better horizontal so that I can try that design out. The picture on the front of the card was taken late in the game on Labor Day last season. I chose the picture for two reasons. One is that Damon appears to be looking right at me. The second is that A.J. appears in the picture. I always liked cards with my favorite players on them as secondary players. (more…)

2011 csd Custom Preview – A.J. Pierzynski

Topps has their Opening Day set that comes out early to allow fans an early look at their set. Last season I decided to make my own card set after seeing some great customs online. I still can’t come close to what some of these guys do. If you haven’t seen the new Goose Joak design you should head over to his site and check it out. He really does a great job with his cards. I needed something that looked good as well as made it simple to make new cards. When baseball season is in full swing I really don’t have a lot of time to make difficult cards. (more…)