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Mark Teahen

2011 csd Preview – Mark Teahen

Mark was a White Sox killer as a member of the Royals. He has not played up to that level as a member of the Sox. He has shown signs of what he can do though. Mark is the last member of the Sox that will show up in this preview set. I am winding down the cards that I have, and unless something drastic happens tonight will be the last night for these cards. Tomorrow I can release some other cards for once. (more…)

1988 Score -Mark Teahen

1988 Score Mark Teahen

Here is another of the 1988 Score cards that I made. The original concept of this retro card deal was not to make any current cards with these guys on them. Of course they already have those cards so why bother? I wanted to make cards of current players that reflected the cards that I grew up collecting. In 1988 a new company started making cards. That was of course Score. It would be one year before Upper Deck came along and changed everything. I liked these cards because they were a little different. Pictures like the above one were unlike other cards. For some reason Score really like the shot that made the bat look huge. I tried to re-create that on a couple of these cards. (more…)

1977 Topps – Mark Teahen