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1986 Donruss

1986 Donruss – Mark Buehrle

This is the card that has given me the most trouble so far. For some reason I have never really been able to get the angled type to look right. This time it does not look so bad. I still think I have a little work to do, but in order to keep this countdown going I will post this card. Donruss really tried to get a little fancy starting in 1986. They came a long way since the ’81 card that was simple. This is not a complex design, but it was a step in the right direction. (more…)


1986 Donruss – Carlos Quentin

Carlos had a great season in 2008 during his first campaign with the Sox. As this project continues I can only imagine the cards of Carlos will end up looking like the Jose Canseco cards of the same era. There is a slight resemblance between the two. A Quentin at bat could end up in any number of outcomes. He could hit a home run or get hit by the pitch. He really is fun to watch. His intensity on the field is unmatched on the team. (more…)

1986 Donruss – Ken Griffey Jr.