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1984 Topps Football


1984 Topps Football – Justin Walker


1984 Topps – Lamar Jackson

1984 Topps – Maurice Woodard

84 topps fb maurice woodard

I have used this template to make cards of the West Lafayette baseball players, but I thought about trying it on an actual football player since that is what it was meant to be. For some reason I have always liked this ’84 Topps football design. It may have something to do with the fact that this was where my collecting as a kid really started. I like how this card looks as a football card. If I am out making some pictures this fall for my portfolio I may have to make a few more of these. Maurice is being recruited by Purdue so it would be cool to make some cards of him as a Boiler as well.

1984 Topps – Kyle Gick

84 topps fb kyle gickLater on today I will start releasing some of my 2013 cards for the West Lafayette Red Devil team. I made this one earlier in the season and just put it on Facebook. I thought that I would put it here as well because I like the look of it. I may use some other images on this template as well before the season is over. I really like more than one picture for a few players. This is a great way to make multiple cards. Once the template was made it is very easy to switch between players. I had originally thought of making the whole set out of this design, but thought that I would at least use something from this century.

1984 Topps – Steve Meister

84 topps steve meisterHere is another card that has sat in a folder for a long time. I made this card when I heard that this lineman was an acquaintance of a friend. I saw him play for Miami (OH) twice during his career so I wondered if I had a picture of him. I did find a couple pictures, but they were not of the best quality. That might be why this card has sat for so long.

1984 Topps – Kris Staats

I guess that today I will have a theme of former Slicers on the blog. I thought that since I created a new tab for former Slicers that I should add some cards to the list. I watched Kris as part of a record setting LaPorte Slicer offense in 2005. He then made his mark at Purdue as the holder on field goals. It was nice to see a local kid playing for my Boilers.  (more…)

1984 Topps – Curtis Painter

I know that Curtis already has a ’84 Topps card, but that was in a Colts uniform. I found this picture of him while making cards for Saturdays game so I thought that I would hold it for today when the former Boiler quarterback makes his first NFL start. (more…)

1984 Topps – Tom Zbikowski

Tom was an exciting player for the Irish. He was a very good safety who also had a knack for returning kicks. He just ran up the field which in the end all the good returners do. He is the last card in the countdown simply because I like it the best. (more…)

1984 Topps – Kory Sheets

I really enjoyed watching Kory during his time at Purdue. He provided many great memories during his four year run.This card keeps the countdown going a bit leading up to the 8:00 kickoff against Notre Dame. (more…)

1984 Topps – Jimmy Clausen

Here is the first Notre Dame card in the ’84 Topps format. I really like how the Notre Dame cards look. I may have to make a couple more with some pictures that I get tonight. I grew up a die hard Notre Dame fan before going to school at Purdue. That is what makes this game so special to me, and why I needed a countdown leading up to it. (more…)