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1986 Fleer

1986 Fleer – Bobby Borchering and A.J. Pollock

My first 1986 Fleer card was not that good so I thought that I would try another one. What better attempt than to try a dual rookie card. This is how we were introduced to Jose Canseco as kids. This card features two up and coming players in the Diamondbacks farm system. They were both picked in the first round of the 2009 MLB draft going 16th and 17th. Bobby Borchering was taken 16th right out of high school, and A.J. Pollock was selected with the next pick out of Notre Dame. (more…)


1986 Fleer – Chris Getz

I will start off by saying that this is not my best card. I had some trouble with what should have been an easy cutout for the picture. Sometimes I think my old program was better than photoshop. The 1986 Fleer set was another of my favorites from my childhood. It was so simple, but yet so cool. I would like to get a few of these up on the site in the near future. I will have to work on a White Sox version of this card. I might spend a little more time on it than this one to get the template perfect. (more…)

1986 Fleer Baeball’s Best – Trevor Hoffman

With the news today that Trevor is retiring I thought that I would make a couple cards of him. This one was probably done a little too quick. It is from the 1986 Fleer Basball’s Best subset. The original card had Goose Gossage on it in a Padre uniform so I thought it was only fitting to put Trevor in his place. (more…)