merging my pictures and cards

Indianapolis Colts

1984 Topps – Curtis Painter

I thought that since I had made the template for the Boilers with the intention of making it easy to make cards for multiple teams that I should try it out. This card was a little easier to make than the Purdue card. I have an actual card from 1984 to use to pick out colors. If I had to make this card from scratch I certainly would not have chosen these colors. I like the set overall though so I will stay true to it when possible even if I don’t like the colors they chose then. I may have to make an alternate version of this card eventually though. (more…)


Peyton Manning


Reggie Wayne

How do you replace an icon at receiver like Marvin Harrison? Simple. Use Reggie Wayne. Reggie has been a force at receiver for the Colts helping them reach new levels as an organization. (more…)