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Alex Rios

1985 Topps – Alex Rios

Since today is Opening Day for the Sox I thought that I would post a couple of cards of the team from the South Side of Chicago. If you haven’t figured out by looking at this site yet that I like the White Sox than you haven’t really been looking at this site. One of the guys that I really will be rooting for this season is Alex Rios. Alex has shown what kind of player that he can be, but sometimes I think that he is his own worst enemy. I hope that he can have another season like we know that he can have this year.  (more…)

1984 Fleer Special – Pierre, Rios, Quentin

This was one of the first SuperStar Special cards that I attempted. As a kid I always looked forward to seeing who Fleer paired up on these cards every year. I don’t have the access to the players like Fleer does so I have to be a little creative when I make these cards.  (more…)

2011 csd Preview – Alex Rios

Alex came to the White Sox on a waiver deal while he was not playing well in 2009. The change of scenery did not help him much that season. Last year we really got a look at what Alex can do. He can really play the field, and he is not too shabby at the plate either. (more…)

1993 Donruss – Alex Rios

This is the 14th card that I have posted today. I had to make some of them on the fly to make this day work. The first few were all made, but a few of them had to be made tonight. I found this card while looking for a good 1992 Donruss template. I never really collected it, but I loved how it looked. I figured that I could squeeze one more card into this day. It was a simple design that was easy to make. I just separated the name plate and team area, and then put the picture behind them. I really loved this design, and even though it is newer I thought that I might try a few more before it is all said and done. (more…)

1985 Fleer – Alex Rios

I love the look of the 1985 Fleer set. Early on in my card making days I made this template from scratch. It looks a little off, but I still like the look of the card. For some reason the gaudy cards from the 80’s are still my favorite. (more…)

Alex Rios

Alex Rios has been a pleasant surprise for the Sox this season. After he did not play well following the trade last year a lot of fans were not happy with him. All he has done so far this season so far has been to become our most consistent hitter on the south side. He hit another home run today to continue to make his case for an All Star berth. The only real bats that we have seen the entire season so far have been Pauly’s and the bat of Rios. There may be an All Star card in his future. (more…)