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1993 Donruss – Ozzie Guillen

This is kind of a weird card for me to make for two reasons. One of those is that Ozzie was in this set as a player. I usually don’t make cards like this, but I felt the need to make the card. The second reason is that Ozzie is no longer the manager of the Chicago White Sox. Ozzie came in and took the Sox to the next level. He won the World Series in just his second year at the helm of the team. He has never been able to re-create that success though, and that might be a partial reason as to why he was fired. As a Sox fan I am torn today. I realize that something had to happen. That being said I am excited to see how the Sox will go from here. Of course I am also sad to see the skipper go. (more…)

2011 csd Custom – Bob Geren

Part of the nature of being a Major League Manager is that you never know when your time will be up. In early April I saw the A’s play and Bob Geren was their manager. They start a four game series in Chicago less than two months later with a new manager. Things change very quickly as you can see. (more…)

2011 csd Custom – Tracy Woodson

Tracy is the manager for the Valparaiso Crusaders. He is probably more noted though for his time with the Dodgers. He was part of that magical ’88 team that won the World Series. After spending some time managing in the minors he is now guiding the young men in Valpo. (more…)

2011 csd Custom – Mike Quade

I have seen Mike manage on three different levels now. In the early 90’s I saw him when he brought his Rockford Expos to the Cove to play the team known then as the South Bend White Sox. In 2004 I attended a couple Iowa Cubs games that featured Mike as the manager. Finally this April I saw him manage the Cubs finally making it to the big leagues. He really seems like he knows baseball, and I hope that he gets a chance to show the fans what he knows. (more…)

2011 csd Custom – Kirk Gibson

Growing up in the 80’s when I did I had plenty of reasons to like Kirk as a player. He was a big part of the ’84 World Series team in Detroit, but he is probably best known for his dramatic game winning home run in 1998 for the Dodgers. He could barely walk, but came in and hit a home run. His run around the bases is still ingrained in my mind. This is another of the three cards I made while experimenting with the design of the card. Instead of going back and fixing my error I just went with the card. It is the weekend after all. (more…)

2011 csd Preview – Joe Girardi

I still remember when Joe came up with the Cubs. It really does not seem like that long ago, but it actually has been. Since then he has had a good career followed up by a good managing career. He was so good that the Yankees made them their manager, and he has already brought them a World Series title. (more…)

2011 csd Preview – Buck Showalter

Buck is one of those guys that you hire to turn your club around. The Orioles got what they paid for last season. Buck came in and made the Orioles into winners right away. He has a knack for turning a club around. For some reason he has the same effect that Mike Keenan had in the NHL in the 80’s and 90’s. Buck usually doesn’t win titles with the club though. The next guy usually does that. (more…)

2011 csd Preview – Ozzie Guillen

Time for some White Sox cards. I have done enough other teams that maybe I should post a couple of my favorite team. What better player to get started with than Ozzie Guillen? Ozzie was a fixture at shortstop for the Sox before becoming the manager in 2004. Then of course he steered them to their first World Series title since 1917 in 2005. He may be better known for his antics around the country than his managing ability. It is those antics that make him so much fun to watch. (more…)

1985 Topps – Casey Stengel

I loved this statue when we were touring the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. Something about it was just very cool. I decided that I should make a card out of it. This was originally part of the short print set I was making. (more…)

Buck Showalter


Don Wakamatsu

Don was fired yesterday from his post as the manager of the Seattle Mariners. I did not have a great view of him last week when I was at the Mariners game at the White Sox, but I knew that I wanted to get a card of him for Steve at White Sox Cards. Steve is a big fan on Don, and is one of the few people on the planet that can spell his name correctly without looking it up. (more…)

Sal Fasano

Sal is currently the manager of the Lansing Lugnuts in the Midwest League. He is a former Major Leaguer that last played professionally in 2009.  He played for nine different organizations during his career. He may be best known for his mustache. (more…)

Casey Kopitzke

Casey was drafted by the Cubs in 1999 as a catcher. After his playing career was over he became the catching instructor for the Cubs organization. He was the manager for the Boise Hawks for half of last season. He now is the manager of the Peoria Chiefs. (more…)

Cito Gaston

Cito is a legend in Toronto. He is the manager that brought the franchise its only two World Series titles in 1992 and 1993. He was brought back into the fold after an absence in 2008 to try and turn around the franchise again. Gaston seems to be good at getting the most out of his players. (more…)

Dave Schrage

Yesterday the Irish fired their head coach Dave Schrage. Dave had a hard act to follow in Paul Mainieri. Paul took Notre Dame baseball to new heights, but left for greener pastures at LSU. Dave inherited a club that had won many consecutive league titles, but never brought one home for himself. From the banquets I attended he seemed like a good guy, but I guess the powers that be wanted more. I will be waiting to see who they get to fill the vacancy. I am sure that the new coach will have a spot in next year’s set. (more…)

Greg Tagert

Greg Tagert does not have the name of some of the Northern League Managers. Famous men who once played in the Majors. What Greg does have though is the ability to manage a ball club. Greg came to Gary in 2005, and the team went from an also ran to the league champion. Every year since then the Railcats have been back in the finals, winning a second title in 2007. Greg was also named the Manager of the year in both 2007 and 2009. Greg has a long term contract with the Railcats so we should see much more of him in the years to come. (more…)

Doug Schreiber

I have two players from LaPorte in the set so far, so why not add a manager? Doug Schreiber has been at the helm of the Purdue Boilermakers since 1998. He has gotten to the Purdue baseball program into a contender every year since he took over. Just last week it was announced that the Boilers will get a major stadium upgrade when they move from their current location. That alone should help the Boilers in recruiting.Doug of course is the son of legendary LaPorte coach Ken Schreiber. Doug won the 1982 L.V. Phillips award during the championship run of that season. That was one of a record seven Indiana titles that his father won. (more…)

Ozzie Guillen

With a template made for managers it was only natural to make one of Guillen. Ozzie was the shortstop on the White Sox when I attended my first game. It was his first season in the Majors, and he quickly became a fixture on the south side. He was always one of my favorite players, and it made me very happy when he brought the Sox their first series since 1917 as a manager. I am sure that we will see his number 13 retired at some point by the club. (more…)

Lou Pinella

This might just be my favorite card so far. It is not because it is of Lou Pinella either. Only a Sox fan would make a manager card showing that manager falling down. This card gave me some trouble. You would think that all you would have to do to make a manager card would be to add another banner and paint it black. For some reason though it was not that easy. Everything had to be re-adjusted. The card is made though, and now I have  a template for future manager cards. Could an Ozzie Guillen card be next? I think so. I can’t just let the Cubs be one up in a category. This card might also be a little payback. In 1976 he barreled into Carlton Fisk at the plate igniting a brawl. That play at the plate can be found as my avatar for WordPress. (more…)