merging my pictures and cards

1971 Topps


1971 Topps – Trent Johnson


1971 Topps – Patrick Smith


1971 Topps – Tyler Powers


1971 Topps – Kyle Wade


1971 Topps – Sydney Bates

1971 Topps – Chris Salamida

Chris was the starting pitcher for the Goldeyes earlier this season when they visited the Gary Railcats. I really liked how this ’71 Topps set looked for the Goldeyes players so I decided to put this card out there. (more…)

1971 Topps – Wes Long

Wes would probably not made this site, but I was lucky enough to capture him making a couple of good plays against the Railcats earlier this season. I really like how my small team set for Winnipeg turned out using a ’71 Topps template. (more…)

1971 Topps – Price Kendall

Price is the second baseman for the Winnipeg Goldeyes. He was probably not going to be in this set, but I snapped a few good pictures of him so he then became a prime candidate to get into the set. Sometimes just a good picture is enough for me to put you in. See there really aren’t any rules here on how this works. (more…)

1971 Topps – Luis Allen

Minor League Monday starts off with a card I had to make for my 2011 custom set. I saw the Winnipeg Goldeyes for the second time this season yesterday so I thought I should start making some cards for them. I decided that I would try the 1971 Topps card for the cards for the back. Next season I will have to come up with something else in order to eliminate making two cards for every player. It is a fun exercise, but it does add some time into the process. (more…)

1971 Topps – Juan Pierre

Here is the second card that was promised this morning. This is the 1971 Topps card of Juan Pierre. I liked this card and the card of Starlin Castro that was just posted so much that I made the 1983 Fleer Super Star Special out of the same picture. I did not want to scrap these cards just because I used the picture again so I thought that I would post them. (more…)