merging my pictures and cards

1971 Topps


1971 Topps – Trent Johnson


1971 Topps – Patrick Smith


1971 Topps – Tyler Powers


1971 Topps – Kyle Wade


1971 Topps – Sydney Bates

1971 Topps – Chris Salamida

Chris was the starting pitcher for the Goldeyes earlier this season when they visited the Gary Railcats. I really liked how this ’71 Topps set looked for the Goldeyes players so I decided to put this card out there. (more…)

1971 Topps – Wes Long

Wes would probably not made this site, but I was lucky enough to capture him making a couple of good plays against the Railcats earlier this season. I really like how my small team set for Winnipeg turned out using a ’71 Topps template. (more…)

1971 Topps – Price Kendall

Price is the second baseman for the Winnipeg Goldeyes. He was probably not going to be in this set, but I snapped a few good pictures of him so he then became a prime candidate to get into the set. Sometimes just a good picture is enough for me to put you in. See there really aren’t any rules here on how this works. (more…)

1971 Topps – Luis Allen

Minor League Monday starts off with a card I had to make for my 2011 custom set. I saw the Winnipeg Goldeyes for the second time this season yesterday so I thought I should start making some cards for them. I decided that I would try the 1971 Topps card for the cards for the back. Next season I will have to come up with something else in order to eliminate making two cards for every player. It is a fun exercise, but it does add some time into the process. (more…)

1971 Topps – Juan Pierre

Here is the second card that was promised this morning. This is the 1971 Topps card of Juan Pierre. I liked this card and the card of Starlin Castro that was just posted so much that I made the 1983 Fleer Super Star Special out of the same picture. I did not want to scrap these cards just because I used the picture again so I thought that I would post them. (more…)

1971 Topps – Starlin Castro

This card and the next one I will post of Juan Pierre were both taken from the same picture. It was my cheating by using the same picture to make two cards that gave me the idea to make that 1983 Super Star Special card using the same picture. I normally don’t use the same picture twice, but I like these cards that were already made so why not? (more…)

1971 Topps – Ryan Theriot

Okay after two days of themed cards I will just have a few random cards today like in the old days. The first of those is the 1971 Topps Ryan Theriot. I made a few 1971 Topps cards with action on their sides. One of those of Scott Podsednik has already been released. I wanted to try and make a stand up card from the set. I found a great Ernie Banks card through a google search, and made it happen from there. It is a sharp looking card that has stood up well over time. (more…)

1971 Topps – Scott Podsednik