merging my pictures and cards

Tampa Bay Rays

1985 Donruss – Hak-Ju Lee

I thought I would try my hand at picking some prospects much like the companies did in the mid 80’s. Some players in the Rated Rookie group did very well, while others were never heard from again. I always liked the rated rookie cards so it wouldn’t surprise me to see a few of them end up on this site. The first is of a player that I saw play this past summer. Hak-Ju Lee is an up and coming shortstop in the Rays organization. His skills are supposedly better than the current shortstop Starlin Castro. If that is the case he will be a good one. He was traded to the Rays this past off season in the Matt Garza deal. I guess the Cubs are feeling good about Castro to trade away one of their best prospects. (more…)

2003 #1 Draft Pick – Delmon Young

Delmon started his career off badly in the minors getting a bad reputation for altercations with two umpires. He has since proven himself to be a solid ballplayer who currently plays alongside the 2001 #1 pick Joe Mauer. He is the younger brother of former MLB player Dmitri Young. (more…)

B.J. Upton

I have been to two games involving the Rays. One was in 2003 when they were still called the Devil Rays. The other was in 2008 in what would be a playoff preview. I took lots of pictures that night, but they were almost all exclusively White Sox players. I took pictures of one Rays batter because he was related to a former Silverhawk. That player is B.J. Upton. B.J. is a player that at times looks like he could be one of the best in the league. At other times he dogs plays that ends up giving him a bad rap. (more…)