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2013 Topps – Jared Snoble


Here is another card that I made for the 2013 West Lafayette JV team. I am a bit behind in posting them because of something else coming up unexpectedly, but I need to get these cards out there. I love the new Topps design, and I also like finding pictures of mine to put on them. I will try and keep up with this project over the next couple of days, but it may go on hiatus again as I make a trip to San Francisco to see the Giants play.

2013 Topps – Sam Oates

2013 Topps SAM OATES

Here is yet another custom card from the West Lafayette baseball team. I have had a lot of fun putting my images on the 2013 Topps template. I have been trying to find an interesting image for each player. For some the images are hard to pick from. Others like the one above just look different enough from the rest to make it onto a card.

1984 Topps – Maurice Woodard

84 topps fb maurice woodard

I have used this template to make cards of the West Lafayette baseball players, but I thought about trying it on an actual football player since that is what it was meant to be. For some reason I have always liked this ’84 Topps football design. It may have something to do with the fact that this was where my collecting as a kid really started. I like how this card looks as a football card. If I am out making some pictures this fall for my portfolio I may have to make a few more of these. Maurice is being recruited by Purdue so it would be cool to make some cards of him as a Boiler as well.

1981 Donruss – Carlton Fisk

81 donruss CARLTON FISK

Part of the fun of freeing myself from having to use my own pictures on certain cards is the fact that I can go back and make cards that should have been made. Carlton Fisk signed with the White Sox in March of 1981 so the card companies did not have the proper time to make a White Sox card of the catcher. All three companies featured him as a member of the Red Sox in their 1981 base sets. Topps gave Carlton a White Sox card with their traded set, but the other two companies were probably more worried about year two of their brand than updating cards at the time. I decided to see what a White Sox Donruss card of Carlton (more…)

2013 Topps – Travis Rolle

2013 Topps TRAVIS ROLLE 10.14.38 AM

Here is yet another of the cards that I am making for the West Lafayette baseball team. It has been a lot of fun finding the pictures, and deciding which orientation the cards will be. It has also gotten me back into Photoshop which was the goal at the beginning. A picture like the one above would have just sat on my hard drive or ended up on Facebook where a few people would see it. Now it is out there where many more can see it. I like giving new life to my photos.

2013 Topps – Carter Bodi

2013 Topps CARTER BODI

Here is another of the cards that I made for the local JV baseball team. I have been wanting to brush up on my Photoshop skills, and I thought a nice little project was just the way to do that. I like the way that the new cards from Topps look, and I like how my pictures look on them even better. This will be a fun set to see complete.

2013 Topps – Carlton Fisk (Red Sox)

2013 Topps CARLTON FISK red sox

I have already made two versions of this card for Carlton, but I thought a third could be used. I had threatened to make a card with Carlton as a member of the Red Sox, and I did just that. I like some of the older pictures of Pudge with the Red Sox so I will have to find a way to work them into this subset that I plan on making. I have found some using a Google image search, but many of the great older pictures are on sites like Getty Images. I will have to find a good source before I continue the Red Sox portion of this side project. In this particular picture Carlton is tagging out Lou Pinella just before their epic battle. Carlton had many great moments showing his dislike for the Yankees, and this is another of those.